The Hunt is on

I don’t know if you know this, but job hunting is hard. The faceless resumes, the excruciatingly egocentric cover letters, the “masters degree preferred” qualifications. Blah.

I chose my career path in the fourth grade after completing a project on the rainforest and vowed to work toward environmental conservation, so I’ve never had the complication of not knowing what I wanted to do. I sailed through my bachelor’s degree and fell gracefully (as gracefully as you can fall into the duck world) into a wetlands conservation organization, and then I made the best and craziest decision of all time.

Despite my preference for (insert type of physical torture here) over meticulously selecting each descriptive word on my resume to match a job posting’s desires, I would never regret my decision to go back to Malawi. I left a good job that I was good at for the adventure of a lifetime and I got to spend it with one of the best friends a gal could have (that’s Russ in case you didn’t know).

Job hunting is still hard, but I’ll be back to duck wrangling or tree hugging or fish gathering in no time and memories of things like this will be mine forever.

The beach at Monkey Bay.

Hitching a ride to Ulongwe.

Playing Bao with Mada.

P.S. If you do know of any duck wrangling or tree hugging type jobs, let me know. Turns out that “in no time” is still too long to not have an income…

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