Beans Are Expensive

Even if you already know this, I feel obligated to inform you that spending two years in Malawi does not guarantee you a job in America. In fact, it seems to be the case that the economy is no better now than it was two years ago when I quit my job, on purpose mind you. See, what happens when you look for a job in America is that so does everyone else. And in business we call that a saturated market. And that’s about all I know about business, I’m an engineer.

Me plus my Malawian teachers at graduation

That being said, do I regret my decision to join the Peace Corps to live on a meager salary, at best, to teach math? Not for one second. There are a million reasons why I wouldn’t have traded that experience for anything and most of those reasons will be impossible to define. Life is about the experience, about the journey and most certainly it’s about doing things that make you happy over things that make you money. However, I need a new pair of shoes and I could really go for a Mcflurry so if you know of a place looking to hire an engineer from Africa (ok not really from there but you know what I mean) then please let me know. America is expensive and my wallet is thin enough as it is.

2010 Graduating Class

2011 Graduating Class

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