May Cause Uncontrollable Swooning

My whole life has been filled with animals. When we were kids, my dad would bring home baby birds that had fallen from the nest and have us digging in the backyard for worms to feed it. We rescued abandoned kittens in our neighbor’s backyard and hand fed them with eye droppers until we found a safe home for them. We pulled off the road and took home multiple, large stray dogs in the family van. My parents let us own hamsters, fish, mice, rabbits, dogs, and even agreed to a goat – luckily for them, that idea was derailed before it came to fruition.

Recently, after a long and emotional recovery from losing the family dog, Cody, I convinced my parents to go look at a puppy. But not just any puppy, the cutest lab/border collie mix puppy ever created. With some hesitation and a long, dark drive into the depths of Winters, California, we walked into the house where one last puppy was still waiting for her home. The cute little puppy took about 5 seconds to lay her sleepy, big-eared head on my dad’s shoulder, and she was all ours (though saying we were all hers would be a more accurate statement).

Maggie a.k.a. the cutest ball of fur ever.

They still sleep like this.

As our little Magpie grew bigger and taller, she also grew more rambunctious (not that you could have guessed with her breeding right?) and lonely during the day.

Everyone loves puppy kisses.

So naturally, I pounced on my parent’s passing suggestion that we get a friend for Maggie and started singing the praises of pit bulls. With persistence and (let’s be honest) begging, we all took a trip to the animal shelter to find another furry friend.

List in hand, I knew exactly which dogs I wanted to meet. As we made a quick lap around the kennels to re-confirm my list, we saw her. Quiet and velvety brown and kenneled with a hyperactive, attention hog pit bull mix. There she sat, wagging her tail and gazing at us with her golden eyes.

List Shmist. We took her to the play yard immediately where she fetched and sat and cuddled and instantly became the newest member of the Rathburn family.

You can't tell me she doesn't melt your heart.

Waiting for me to throw the bone...

Maggie is still a hyperactive horse and for the most part, Piper doesn’t mind when she jumps all over her, as long as you’ll throw her bone.

I love to fetch!!

They’ve even worked out a sister-like sharing technique.

Tug of war.

And now, two large dogs deep, my parents may regret all of those animals they brought around during our childhood, but we have the greatest dogs of all time.

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