What is a mini bus?

Well, thanks for asking. A mini bus is a bus. Well, it’s a small bus, a miniature bus, if you will. Used for public transportation in Malawi, and I’m sure just the same in most similar African countries. Passenger accommodation ranges from 1-30 (that’s real) with seating for 15 and seat belts for 2.

Why mini buses?

Because they are cheap. Well, cheap in the sense that you can buy one that is on the verge of falling apart, spend very little on inadequate repairs and then use it to make money. See there are no regulations on the roads of Malawi. No DMV. Which most people would cheer to learn, but I visited a DMV a few days after my return to the states and these were my thoughts.

‘Wow, this place is really organized. You take a number and then you get called up in the order you arrived. I didn’t have to elbow anyone out of my way. They speak english here!? When I asked that lady a question she answered it….accurately. This place is kinda nice.’

Now, I understand that everyone’s experience at the DMV is different, I just want to paint a picture here. Sometimes it’s more difficult somewhere else so stop freaking out.

What is Minibusonomics?

A mini bus is nothing to mess around with. If treated improperly you may be driven to complete insanity or physical acts of violence. I’m a pretty calm guy. I’ve come dangerously close to striking what I can only assume to be very nice gentlemen in any other context. It’s important to know the in’s and out’s of mini bus operation when you are considering boarding one and this is what the minibusonomics is all about. It’s making sure that you know what your doing, not getting ripped off, and showing up at your final destination in a timely manner.

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