The Times, They Are A’Changing

I am terrible at change. It gives me anxiety. Even when they are good changes, like getting a new job or having your boyfriend live in the same city as you. Anxiety. And, as you may have guessed, the reason Pee In The Beans has been so inactive as of late, is due to all the change going on around here.

Within a week, Russ and I were both offered brand spankin’ new full time jobs. A week later, Russ packed all of his belongings into his champ of a Honda civic in LA and drove across the mystical line that divides southern and northern California. Despite a tow truck detour resulting from a detached muffler, he made it into Sacramento on a Sunday afternoon, signed the lease at a fabulous new midtown apartment, and started work on Monday morning. Come Tuesday, I put my big girl pants on and began my new job that is tailored specifically to both my workaholic tendencies and my enjoyment of coming home with dirt under my nails and poison oak on my boots.

Mixed in with the intensive job emersion programs are: unpacking enough to make the fabulous new midtown apartment livable, making up for lost time with the parents that so faithfully supported our reckless unemployment, learning a new neighborhood, trying not to neglect our friends too much, and somehow coming to an actual realization that we live close enough to see each other every single day. That last one is still slowly sinking in.

So, to our dear friends and family that so diligently check for updates on Pee In The Beans, please accept our apologies and know that there will be many more posts to come now that the dust is starting to settle. Many posts that will regale you with tales of a (very literally) no distance relationship in the midst of terrible work habits, marathon training, bill paying and general survival into adulthood.

For now, please enjoy these scenic photos of Malawi:

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