Adventure Junkie

I am extremely spoiled. I have had more travel and adventure opportunities in my young life than most people get in 100 years. Now that I’ve returned from spending my life savings on two trips to Malawi and am settling into the world of full time work again, I’m realizing that my ability to spontaneously combust into adventure is minimizing.

You mean I have to budget and save and plan before I can go on another trip to a remote location?

So while I count down the days until I have enough vacation time saved up, I’m celebrating all of the completely awesome things I’ve already done.

I would also love it if this inspired someone else to face a fear or an obstacle or whatever else gets in the way and have an adrenaline pumping good time of your own.

My first skydive.

Getting ready to paraglide over Switzerland. It required running at full speed down a very steep hill with a man strapped to my back.

Russ is a professional skimboard instructor.

I’m terrified of water and white water rafting in West Virginia did not fix me.

Dirt biking was my first love.

Practicing a little falconry in Ireland.

I only did it once, but I did it.

Canoeing across the crocodile lagoon in Costa Rica to search for turtle nests.

Parasailing over San Diego.

After running the Warrior Dash with the little sister!


And let’s not forget about a ride in the Death Matola in Malawi!

One thought on “Adventure Junkie

  1. I finally had a chance to check your blog. You sent me the email back in late August and I’m just now getting around to it, that is pathetic!! I am an adrenaline junky at heart, but chose a path in life that didn’t allow me to fully test my limits. I don’t regret my choices, but I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t a little jealous of all of your adventures. Just do me a favor and keep living life to the fullest and make sure that all of your travels and experiences on this little planet help you to make the world a better place.

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