Raging Waters

Ever since my first 8:00 a.m. winter quarter lecture in college, I’ve known that there is no better reason to stay in bed than to listen to the rain falling. And this weekend, we finally got the chance to do just that. The soft taps on the roof and the windowsills made me so appreciative of our warm, cozy house and calmly lulled me back to sleep all weekend.

While all of this cozy lulling is quite enjoyable, I have to remind myself that this is the first rain that Russ has dealt with since a Malawian rainy season, and he is not impressed.

Rain rolling off the roof at home in Malawi.

A rain induced river runs through the streets of Mzuzu.

When you think about rain falling on a tin roof, country songs and fire places probably pop into your mind, but in Malawi that tin roof is usually the cause of temporary deafness. You could be sitting on the same couch as someone while speaking at maximum volume and they still wouldn’t be able to hear what you’re saying during a rainstorm. A light spring shower sounds like an apocalyptic monsoon and there was more than one occasion when I woke up in terror – sure that the house would be washed away by a river of rain water any moment. Imagine the sound that a bucket of pennies being poured onto a tin roof would make. Now imagine what that would sound like for a half an hour. That is what a Malawian rain sounds like.

And if ever there was a reason to stay in bed, it was during the rainy season in Malawi. Teachers and students all stayed home in the mornings until the rain stopped and just began the school day as soon as it was dry enough to head outdoors.

Thankfully, rain here at home is a little more manageable and even enjoyable when it comes during a lazy weekend. And after surviving two very long rainy seasons in Malawi, Russ deserves all the cozy lulling he can stand. So after sleeping way too much and laying around more than usual, we celebrated our weekend of dreary skies with the perfect rainy day meal.

Homemade butternut squash soup with gorgonzola and honey crostinis.

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