An Abrupt Stop in the Hamster Wheel

Well, here we are in September. A whopping 7 months since the last post about my determination to “slow down and enjoy the ride.” And I’m sorry to report that in the last seven months, I spent about 6.5 of them failing at slowing and failing at blogging. Turns out, life always has an excuse on hand just for you, even if you’ve vowed not to use them anymore.

So naturally, I’ve vowed not to use excuses anymore…New Year’s Eve come early! Take the bull by the horns! Carpe diem! You get the idea…

The past seven months have been full of activities and adventure and, well, general craziness.

In March, my best friend won a contest for a free wedding that was promptly and flawlessly executed only two months later. Thus, kicking off a wedding season fit for a mid-twenty something! Four weddings deep, I had nearly doubled my dress wardrobe and burned a summer’s worth of calories dancing to “Call Me Maybe.”

The bf just before the proposal.

A glorious kick-off to wedding season!

In addition to the celebrations of eternal love this summer, there was camping to do. The outdoors are a part of my soul and I miss them desperately all winter long. From Big Trees to Monterey to Downieville, there were long hikes and pit toilets galore.

The trees were big, as promised.

It’s a beautiful view from the top.

And somehow, mixed into all of that, there was birthday skydiving, an overload of garden zucchini, the purchasing of a dirt bike, and a bad case of shingles…

They’re excited…and terrified.

The bike!

That’s right, I said shingles. Now, you would think that a case of stress induced shingles that made it feel like Katniss Everdeen was following me around and shooting arrows through my chest would make me realize that I was living an unsustainably crazy lifestyle. And while it took a few months (and lots of therapy), I finally did. Which is an entirely different story to tell…

So that brings us to September. One of my favorite months. A month still filled with summer sunshine but also with cool mornings and borderline chilly nights. A month that let’s you slowly release your sunburns, BBQs and dehydration into the past while putting on a sweater and lusting after pumpkin flavored everything. I won’t lie to you – I have high hopes for September. And along with those high hopes comes a lot of things to write about. So get your reading pants back on, because we’re about to pee in the beans all over again…

And just in case that crash course in “Kelly’s Summer” wasn’t enough to keep you coming back, I have a really cute puppy that will be featured frequently:

The piglet in all her glory.

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