The Elusive Cardigan Combo

It’s happened. At the most financially inopportune time – I’ve come down with the shopping bug.

This is usually an annual occurrence for me, which makes my bank account lucky, but also makes my closet stay full of clothes that I bought my sophomore year of college. I think it’s happened this time because I can feel autumn coming. Each morning it gets closer and makes me daydream about sweaters and boots and scarves.

I’m not great at dressing as an adult, but I’m especially terrible at dressing for summer. I have a drawer full of $7 Target tank tops (one in every color) that I throw on with a pair of flip-flops and call it good. Very rarely do my summer outfits get more complicated than that. I’d like to blame it on the fact that for four years after I graduated college and technically became an adult, I spent all summer in a dirty T-shirt and muddy boots for work.

Yes, this was really my job. That’s me inside the cage.

Those four years when other girls my age were learning how to match a blouse with a pinstriped trouser, I spent trying to prove to the “Good Old Boys” that I could hold my own in a mucky wetland. On the one hand, I can pull off camo, which I believe is a rare talent, and on the other, I’m now stuck in Target tank-top town.

Blending in…

I can spend hours pinning and re-pinning cardigan-belt-nude pump combo outfits and when I finally convince myself to go shopping and build a quasi-adult wardrobe, I end up in American Eagle with the other 14 year olds trying on capri pants…I’ve been fashionably stunted and the only cure is retail therapy.

So, I’ve taken action. My sister is in charge of forcing me into flowy blouses and skinny jeans. I’ve set up a scarf tutorial with the bf so I can learn how to wear them in other ways besides dangling on either side of my neck. I even practice new ways to do my hair and have recently, for the first time in my life, curled and pinned my hair to wear in public twice. If that’s not progress, I don’t know what is.

One day I’ll be able to wear a pencil skirt and blouse without looking like an awkward flight attendant, or shorts with heels without the hooker-esque impressions. But for now, I’ll just will the clouds to roll in a little early this year and take solace in a few months of long sweaters, tall boots, and my newly learned scarf tying skill.

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