It’s Science.

One of the trickier things I’ve encountered as a twenty-something is my own biological clock. There were more than a handful of years where I was undecided about kids. I felt that I could do without them just fine. And then once the possibility of a career hit, I felt it a necessity to do without them for a while.

Even as my friends started having children, I wasn’t 100% sold. They’re cute and all, but I’ve got some things I need to do. Like dirt bike. And take Hawaiian vacations.

I thought I had perfected the rationalization process. I was foolish enough to think I had beat the system and tricked my brain into diffusing the biological pull to reproduce.

Foolish indeed. Because once you get a glimpse of this in your life, it’s damn near impossible to shut that uterus up.

Prince Charming with a baby, ladies and gentlemen. And it’s all over. Try telling me now that I don’t want kids.

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