It’s Official, I’m a Writer.

I went to a yoga class once where they read a passage from a book that talked about using the affirmation, “I am…” in a positive way. We can be so quick to judge ourselves and use “I am…” negatively, but it can become a pretty powerful personal tool when used optimistically.

The passage talked about knowing what you want to be, and speaking to yourself and others in the present form by saying that you already are that thing.

“I am a writer.”

I’ve been struggling to say that to myself for a long time. I tip toe around it with, “I like to write,” or, “Writing is therapeutic for me.” But to state that I am a writer was too intimidating. After hearing that passage, I started to put it into everyday use, and wouldn’t you know it, I am a writer!

My first article for Girls on the Grid was published just the other day and I am so proud! They have an awesome blog all about being a lady in Sacramento – from food to fun to general life milestones. It doesn’t  matter where you live, the articles often transcend geography and just touch on the common thread of trying to figure it all out.

So check it out! My article was about the personal evolution of Halloween from childhood to crazy college years to present day. I bet you can relate…


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