Luxury Lifestyle in a Binder

I’ve been an anxious antsy-pants the last couple of weeks. Some big things are in the works and it’s pretty much been a “hurry up and wait” situation that is driving me nuts! I’m too superstitious to say that these things are definitely happening for fear that I’ll jinx it and they’ll fall apart in front of me, so you’ll just have to wait.

So, to temper the anticipation, I started a small organizational project. Organizing my surroundings is the most instant and relieving therapy for my anxious brain. It puts everything that I’ve been thinking about into a mental filing cabinet…in alphabetical order, by category, with color coded tabs.

After doing some general cleaning around the house, I struck gold. I’ve had a subscription to Sunset magazine for three years now and I love that magazine so much that I kept every single issue…That’s 36 issues of Sunset magazine alone. Couple that with the Esquire subscription that comes to our door addressed to “Babyface Conroy” and a few miscellaneous check-stand purchases and we had over 55 magazines cluttering up our shelves.

Without hesitation, I created a mountain of magazines, grabbed my scissors, and started flipping. I got through 10 magazines and had torn out countless pages before my brain started melting into a pile of DIY home design, gourmet meals on a budget, and tips for a luscious garden.

Summertime cocktails and native grasses for your garden.

Four days and 36 Sunset Magazine issues later and I had my own personal “life in the West” bible. It may be dorky, but don’t act like you’re not a little bit jealous. This white binder is filled with day trip itineraries, camping tips, low-water garden ideas, and recipes organized from breakfast to cocktails to holiday desserts. Holy lifestyle overload, Batman!

Local trips to weekend camping to secret guides to Yosemite!

Post project, my brain is too worn out to worry about the upcoming changes that I can’t control and now all I want to do is eat and travel (though that’s no different than normal…). For now, s’mores in the backyard with my amazing family will suffice. But you better believe that next summer will be camping-mania in this household!

Backyard camping for now.

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