Blushing Bride and What Not

Some things have happened in the last month. We bought a house. And then Russ proposed to me. And I had a birthday. So now, I guess I’m a big time adult.

Unfortunately, so far, I’m failing at being a bride.

We’ve been engaged for a month now (which is a long time when you’re only planning a 6 month engagement) and I haven’t accomplished a single wedding related task.

Last night, as I was researching wedding gown shops and trying to figure out which neckline I liked best (sweetheart, obviously), I actually realized that I have to wear a gown in front of a bunch of people, and be looked at continuously for 5 hours…

I’ve been a pretty healthy person my whole life, but after this past weekend-long eggnog and Jameson binge in celebration of my birthday, I decided to kick up those healthy habits in an effort to feel like the blushing bride.  My first attempt would be with liquids. Cut out the empty calories I’ve been drinking and try some detox. So, once I got to the office this morning, I went into the kitchen, tea packet in hand, and came out with a mug of hot chocolate (the extra chocolatey kind). I even packed a conservatively portioned lunch with lots of healthy snacks to get me through the day and by 9:30 a.m., I couldn’t stop thinking about those giant slices of Costco pizza.

Mmmmm, grease.

I can’t seem to help myself when it comes to things like Chipotle, Chicago Fire thick crust pizza, cream cheese on my sandwiches, or anything related to those food groups. So, in an effort to plan a wedding that reflects me instead of making myself reflect my wedding, I’ve decided that any overwhelming desire to crash diet in the next few months will be the basis for a Bridezilla alert. I actually had a thought in the shower this morning about one of those liquid only anti-bloat diets the week before the wedding. And just thinking about chugging a water, lemon, cayenne pepper concoction made me hate everything in sight.

Rather than damning myself for my love of high fat foods (which, let’s be honest, is evolutionarily beneficial), I’ll focus on continuing my healthy lifestyle and enjoying my engagement with all of the food and celebrations that come with it. That way, I get to delight my taste buds and everyone around me gets to avoid my “hangry” attitude because it will be okay for me to eat a cookie.

To balance out my heightened winter appetite (I’m telling you, biology wants you to put on fat to survive the cold!), I will continue to wake up for my 5 a.m. bootcamp twice a week and go to yoga whenever possible. Meals will be planned in advance as both a budget and waist-line friendly trick, but I won’t hate myself for making butternut squash lasagna with cream sauce and loving it (and I do love it).

Hopefully once all the crazy kicks into this wedding, I can stick with my plan of self-love and healthy habits. And if not, I formally give permission to anyone in my bridal party to shake the Bridezilla out of me and force feed me a slice of pizza.

In the meantime, any suggestions for maintaining balance during an engagement are more than welcome!

And whenever I need to, I can reflect on all of the fun we had this past weekend as I crossed into my late twenties.

IMG_0332 IMG_0354

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