Fancy Friday

On Friday night, Russ and I went out to a super swanky dinner. Probably the fanciest dinner we’ve ever been to. Dine Downtown Restaurant Week happens once a year in Sacramento and, in my penny-pinching opinion, is totally worth the limited menu and slightly more crowded restaurants. It basically allows normal people to eat a three course meal at the most expensive restaurants in town for $30. Yes please!

You need reservations for Fancy Friday!

You need reservations for Fancy Friday!

My palette is below the average level of refinement. I’ve been eating bland, mushy food for most of my life as a side effect of being a lazy vegetarian. But I’m pretty sure that this meal could have turned any country bumpkin into a food connoisseur. Kale salad, carrot risotto, and creamy chocolate goodness for dessert. For anyone that wasn’t awed by my order, Russ got soup infused with bacon and this chunk of hog:

Pork with a French name. Must have been tasty!

Pork with a French name. Must have been tasty!

He literally just touched it with his fork and the whole thing fell off the bone. It looked so good that I almost tried a bite. Almost.

To seal the already super sweet deal, their featured cocktail was Johnny Walker based. Be still Russell’s beating heart!

Somewhere in between the eating, the sipping, the sparkling conversation, and the swanky atmosphere, we realized that we should probably do things like this more often. Between jobs, home improvement projects, wedding planning, budding writing and photography careers (really small buds, but buds none the less), and a dog that just makes you want to cuddle with her all day long, we don’t get a lot of reconnecting time. I could stand to leave the sweatshirts at home more often and I always love sitting across the table from my handsome man.

So, we created Fancy Friday. Whether it’s a new recipe, going out for cocktails, or a high end restaurant, it’ll be a good habit to get into as life only gets more complicated. Plus, I have a wedding coming up and I could use practice walking in heels.

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