Tidy Tuesday

I know we’re getting a little carried away with the alliteration, but it’s just so fun! My week is now defined with playful little half rhymes like Fancy Friday, Piper the Piglet, Sleepy Sunday, and my personal favorite, Russell the Muscle (because he’s so buff).

Here he is removing our gross, old sink.

Here he is removing our gross, old sink.

And here he is working on our dirt bike trailer that he built...

And here he is working on our dirt bike trailer that he built…

I’m declaring this the first weekly installment of “Tidy Tuesday” because I’m obsessed with being organized. I truly believe that your living environment is correlated to your mental state – chicken or the egg style. Tidy Tuesday will be a weekly ping on your clutter radar with tips or stories (or really whatever I want to write since it’s my blog) that will hopefully help you harness your inner clean freak and clear up that mind of yours a little too.

Now that we own a super cute (and very tiny) house, it’s even more important to me to stay organized and uncluttered so that we don’t end up hating our space or each other. To initiate Tidy Tuesday, here is a list of my top 3 clutter pet peeves:

1. Mail – the mail comes through the door and falls all over the floor, then it gets tossed onto our mini dining room table, and then it sits until someone has the mental capacity to open and deal with it. Until I hang a mail rack in the entryway (which is a high priority), the mail will be the first thing I deal with when I come home. Nobody move until I’ve sorted, recycled, and filed the daily mail.

2. Shoes – they fly off your feet and land directly in someone’s walking path. We don’t have a lot of unused floor space, and a men’s size 12 shoe is about the same size as our pit bull (and even more in the way). Therefore, we have no less than four hanging shoe organizers in our closets. I placed the most commonly worn shoes in the entryway closet – put them on right before you leave, take them off and put them away right when you come home.

3. Dishes – with our amazing new sink, we can dirty every dish we own and they’ll fit in there with room to spare. Problem is, they stay dirty. They’re off the counter so it’s semi “out of sight, out of mind” until you realize that you can’t fill up the dog’s water dish due to the teeming pile of food-ware blocking the faucet. The cherry on top is that our dishwasher is broken, so it’s hand wash or no wash. Tip: hand wash as soon as you’re done using it. It’s a pain at first because you’re probably tired of the kitchen after cooking, but I promise you’ll get more tired of eating cereal with a spatula if you don’t wash that silverware.

What’s your clutter nightmare?

We’re in the process of transitioning to a new desk that Russ is building from scratch – no drawers, no shelves. Stay tuned for updates on this next organizational challenge.


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