And So It Begins

So, this has started happening…


Our house is pretty little, and already full of stuff, so we didn’t register for much. I wonder what it could be…

Wishing I didn’t have to wait for Russ to get home to open it!

And on an even more exciting note – a decision has been made on the bridesmaid dresses! Anyone involved in the bride side of things for this wedding knows that this has been my LEAST favorite thing to do for the wedding. I love all of my bridesmaids and I want all of them to be happy and feel beautiful and it was paralyzing. One of them might be pregnant, one of them lives out of state, everyone has different styles and personalities and budgets. Exhausting!

Thankfully, two of my lovely ladies trekked it out to Alfred Angelo last night and tried on all of the dresses that I’ve been pinning and e-mailing to them. To my surprise, the one I liked the least in the picture was everyone’s favorite in person!

Picture it in grey and with super fun yellow heels…


I still would have loved to let everyone pick their own dress and I’m a little disappointed in myself that I got so caught up in the “aesthetic” of our wedding that I couldn’t handle trying to match different shades of grey. But, it’s behind me now and I’m so relieved. I feel like I can finally focus on the fun things like making decorations, sending out our official “Save the Date” and prepping for our housewarming party!

It’s been a while since I’ve thrown a party. If I remember correctly, we played King’s Cup and someone broke our entertainment center. Ah, the early twenties…

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