Pinterest Party!

Three day weekends are such a tease. You think you’ll have all this time to sleep and cook and run errands and have fun all in just one extra day. They make you think you’re on vacation so you waste a bunch of time just enjoying the lazy opportunity and before you know it, it’s time to go back to work!

While we squeezed in as much fun and productivity as we could this weekend, I got to try something super new that I am officially geeked out on.

A Pinterest Party.

A friend of mine thought up the idea of gathering a group of crafty (or in my case, wanna-be crafty) ladies and rotating through pinterest crafts and food. Each month, someone new hosts the party and provides crafting materials and instructions for their pinterest craft while the others bring their attempts at new pinterest recipes.


We made coffee koozies, and even though they didn’t turn out exactly as planned (when does it?!), I am so beyond proud of mine that I cannot wait to order coffee and forego the cardboard koozie.

Jungle animal coffee koozie!!

Jungle animal coffee koozie!!

The only other thing I’ve ever sewn was a square for my friend’s wedding quilt. And let’s just say that you probably couldn’t pick mine out of a line-up of quilt squares made by third graders…But this coffee koozie is cute and unique enough that I won’t hesitate to tell people I made it (notice the uneven hand stitching).

The best part of the pinterest party is that, not only did I get to try something new and gain confidence in my crafting abilities, but I got to expand my social circle. It is surprisingly fun to sit around on a couch and sew a coffee koozie while chatting and joking with a bunch of ladies that I hadn’t met before. It is really easy for me to hole up inside our house and work on it until my face turns blue (or until I start crying out of frustration), but this pinterest party helped remind me that I should always take opportunities to make new friends.

Of course, other than the party, Russ and I literally holed up in our house this weekend and did everything from cleaning the fireplace brick (yuck!) to setting up our amazing new desk, to trying to paint our dark grey front door a neon yellow. And even Piper did a little artwork, which will be framed and displayed soon! If I knew how to use Twitter, it would go something like this: #dogchild.

Paw print to match our bedroom wall.

Paw print to match our bedroom wall.

Tidy Tuesday is up next!

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