Lorax Style

Before we even started looking for a house to buy, Russ and I always talked about wanting to plant a tree and take a photo next to it every year. Something about it felt symbolic – starting with something really small, nurturing it and watching it grow with you.

I think it’s the same reason I love gardening (though Russ has the green thumb). It’s just amazing to watch a seed or a twiggy little tree become a flourishing life form and to remind you that so much can change in just one day.

So yesterday, we finally planted our tree!


It seriously is a little twig in the ground, but we gave it a good start in its new home and are so excited to watch it grow.



In other news, I’m starting to realize that I’ve been less than glamorous in all of my photos lately. House work just doesn’t naturally lend to glamor, I guess. I know the projects will never end, but I have high hopes (encouraged by this blog) that I’ll start at least showering before we get to work so that I don’t spend the rest of my life in dirty jeans and a ponytail…

Any secrets for balancing beauty and a never ending project list?

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