Tidy Tuesday – The Office

We’re working on a big post about the amazing desk that Russ recently built, so in the meantime, I thought I would use a Tidy Tuesday to discuss office organization.

If there is one kind of clutter that drives me nutty, it’s paper. Every piece means something different and their level of importance varies more dramatically than anything else in the world (possible over exaggeration). One could be a doodle, the other could be your W2. And if you’re not careful, they could be put into a stack together and never looked at again. It’s enough to make a girl go mad!

Before the custom furniture addition to our “office,” we were using two separate desks. Russ was set up on what is now our dining room table and I had a little desk with a little drawer to hold all of my miscellaneous crap. But this new and improved desk space has no drawers, no shelves, nothing but beautiful finishing and craftsmanship. There was no hiding my crap anymore.

After we rearranged furniture and plugged everything back in, we were left with this:


It’s not the worst thing in the world, but just junky enough to take the focus completely off the handmade desk. Since we wanted to keep the desktop as sleek and stylish as possible, our best option was to build up. We had plenty of wall space above the desk, so why not take the opportunity to make some custom shelves while we were at it?

Ikea to the rescue! Super custom, I know. We found shelves and brackets that we loved and, of course, they were out of the brackets. So, we compromised and bought the two shelf planks at about $2 each and grabbed some brackets from home depot that we had already used on shelves in our bathroom.

We bought unfinished shelves so we could paint them ourselves and just ended up with rustic, semi-finished white (perfect fit for the desk that you’ll soon see up close!).


The last step is always the most fun and most satisfying – designing the space. I am in no way artistic or crafty, but when it comes to placing things in a logical, organized, and clean way, I get to work.


Paper is stored in folders and in file cupboards according to category (bank statements, insurance, bill payments, etc). Add some pictures and remember not to over-stuff your shelves. You want to not only be able to find things quickly, but really showcase your important pieces. I put up a photo of the two of us in Africa when we first started dating and one of my sister’s art pieces.


The desk is now the centerpiece of the room (and our whole house) and it feels so nice to have space to stretch out and know that all of my papers are where they belong!

Hidden and unexpected storage is quickly becoming one of my favorite things now that we own this tiny house. If you have any success (or failure) stories with storage, I’d love to hear them! Kitchen, bathroom, closets, you name it!

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