Tidy Tuesday – Fail

It’s obviously not Tuesday. I hate to admit that after only a couple weeks, I completely forgot that Tuesday meant mandatory Tidy Tuesday post.

Believe me, there are a lot of excuses for it. Like the fact that we have 100 serving dishes from other people’s kitchens piled onto our counter tops from the engagement party. Or that there is an 8 foot folding table propped up against our dining room wall that needs to be returned to my parents. Or that we can’t seem to get our asses to the post office to mail off 80 “Save the Date” envelopes so they’re all over our coffee table.

Geez. I really did need a Tidy Tuesday.

The point is, things get crazy sometimes. I am proud of the fact that I get a little nuts about cleaning and organizing my house, but I’m also a human planning a wedding and working full time. I don’t want those things to be an excuse, I want them to be shining examples of normalcy.

So, even though I didn’t post anything about how neat and clean my life was yesterday, I’m giving myself a break. Because sometimes things are a mess. And sometimes that mess is what reminds me that I’m in the middle of an incredible time of my life. Parties and family and a fiance that painstakingly set up my new phone (hooray!!) while I cooked chicken enchiladas instead of cleaning up the 7 ice chests laying all over our back patio.

And one last positive piece of information – not having my phone/camera available to me at all times motivated me to take a little photography class from Mr. Rathroy* and his fancy cameras. So now, instead of point and shoot informational phone photos, I’ll start including some actual photography into all these words! As soon as I mail the Save the Dates, return all of the serving dishes, and get the folding table out of my dining room…

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