Save the Date Spoiler Alert

After much printing, cutting, envelope stuffing, and stamping, the Save the Dates are in the mail!


We are super fortunate to have incredibly talented and generous friends and one of them just so happens to be a graphic designer. So, when he offered to do our printed materials design, we jumped at it.

We gave him some vague text, two colors, and the fact that we wanted an elephant, and he created a design that could not be more true to our wedding vision.


I’m so relieved to finally have something official in the mail and on everyone’s calendar. Our wedding venue is 80% inclusive, and I’m still finding wedding planning to be too stressful. For as much “Say Yes to the Dress” as I watch, I thought I’d be having more fun with all the planning. Turns out, all I really care about is marrying Mr. Rathroy and partying with our friends and family.


Looking back at the pictures, I’m pretty proud of our minimalist and funky envelope decoration. Though I can’t take credit for anything creative – that’s all Russ. I even got really excited to use my new camera skills and take the pictures of our calendar request before shipping them out. After taking 35 pictures of the envelopes alone, Russ snapped a couple and they were, of course, the most blog worthy.

I guess we just make a good team…

Next on our list is prepping and planting wedding flowers on a friend’s farm. I’m hoping that it will be as rewarding in person as it is in my head to see the bouquets and centerpieces that I personally sweat over.

4 thoughts on “Save the Date Spoiler Alert

  1. Those are so nice and cute! And you’re getting married on the Sunday after me! I’ve found that booking things for a Sunday is a lot lower stress! Are you doing the dinner reception? Also, I totally agree on the stress. No matter how I space it out, I’m still totally overwhelmed. Oh well. Almost there now!

    • How fun! We can be wedding buddies! We’re doing a rehearsal brunch the day before and then evening wedding that Sunday. I can’t believe it’s only 6 months away already! I’m super excited but I definitely never want to plan another wedding…

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