Old McDonald

As I mentioned in the “Save the Dates” post, we are very blessed to have such talented and generous friends. Not only has it saved us money in this ridiculous wedding industry, but it warms our hearts to know that the details of our wedding have been created by people that we love.

One of these friends just so happens to live on a farm. She also happens to have florist experience. And she loves me (and Russ too) enough to grow our flowers from seed and turn them into wedding centerpieces and bouquets.

One of the perks of this arrangement (as if those mentioned above weren’t enough), is that we get to help grow our flowers too! So, this past weekend, we strapped on our work boots and off to the farm we went!

If we were going to grow flowers from seed, we would need some serious preparations for the somewhat unpredictable spring. On the agenda – build a hay bale cold frame and a few raised beds.


Russ was hoping he would get to use a hay pick and he was a pro! After the chauffeured ride back to the yard, we unloaded and rolled hay bales into place. For anyone that has never physically moved a hay bale, they’re about as heavy as I am. You learn to put your body weight behind it.



Topped with an old sliding glass door or window, and you have yourself a cold frame! Hay bales are excellent insulators and this cold frame will be like a mini greenhouse for the baby flowers.

After a quick hydration break complete with tea, ginger ale, sparkly water, fresh lemon juice and simple syrup (all homemade), we were ready to start on the raised beds.


Farmer Carina is the master of repurposing. We used old melon bins and a book shelf for the frames. After moving them into position, it was time to fill. Our farmer florist did all of the research on how to best grow baby flowers, so she just pointed to different piles around the farm and we pitchforked it into wheelbarrows to fill the beds.


Chicken poo off the floor of the chicken coop

Compost from a pile made two years ago containing remains from a chicken slaughter and hay (completely decomposed so it just looked like warm dirt!)

Dirt from the melon field that now housed a herd of cows, calves, and a giant bull that was not too excited to see us in his field


The things we’ve done for these flowers already…

After loads upon loads of dirt and compost, a snack of homemade hummus, and a few hours of solid manual labor, we had a finished product.


Farmer Carina even cooked us a big, farm lunch and showed off her started succulent garden for the wedding. Apparently to grow a succulent, all you need is the leaf/petal from another succulent. Place it on top of the soil and spritz it with water once a day. Viola!


If there is anything better than a day spent outdoors with your favorite people, I haven’t found it yet. We got a little dirty, survived a bull stand-off, created something awesome, and spent quality time together. Our friends are truly incredible and we will owe our entire wedding to them! I can’t wait for the first sprouts to pop up and watch them become our sea of home grown wedding wildflowers!




We couldn’t leave without having a farm photo shoot…

9 thoughts on “Old McDonald

  1. I have some beautiful, thoughtful -yet humorous- comments about your post, and especially the “farm photo shoot”, all floating around inside my head. Sadly all my fingers seem to want to type is: YOU don’t have SNOW! sooooo jealous!! Even though it’s warm here, at only -1 C… You have beautiful sunshine… and warmth… a future full of flowers, and super models for friends. *sigh* 🙂 I’m organizing my linen closet. That has to count for something, right? lol I can’t wait to see what else you’ll be doing. I did a diy wedding myself, but I didn’t have a farmer-friend on my side, this is going to be a wonderful, warm and beautiful event. I can just tell 😉

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