Easy Chalk Wall DIY

We have a lot of unused space in our already tiny kitchen, and one wall was particularly useless.

It’s perpendicular to our refrigerator door, so we couldn’t put up shelves and while tearing walls down is in the long-term plan, we need to get our financial feet back under ourselves after the wedding before we start anything like that.

So, what’s the cheap/easy way to change a wall? PAINT!

I know chalkboard paint might be a fad, but I just can’t help myself. It’s truly one of the easiest interactive pieces you can add to your house. We bought a can of chalkboard paint at Home Depot and discovered that you can pay a little more to have them mix a color into it. We opted for classic black, but it’s fun to have options! It comes pre-mixed and pre-packaged and doesn’t even require a special paint roller.

Before we get deeper into this process, there’s a prep step that I would like to emphasize: Wipe down your wall before you put chalkboard paint on it. If it’s a bumpy wall, maybe sand it down a little. The intention is to write all over this surface, and the aesthetic of chalk doesn’t fare too well in a bumpy environment (textured walls make this tough). Our kitchen walls still had granite dust all over them from when Russ widened the hole in our countertop for the new sink, so prepping was important!

Once the wall was clean and dry, Russ marked off the area (I’m not patient enough to use a tape measure, let’s be honest), and I got busy with the roller.



I actually didn’t even bother using a paint brush for the edges since the tape was so thick and the border didn’t have any curves or details to work around. You can tell in this picture that one coat wasn’t enough. The paint dried to the touch in about 20 minutes, but they recommend waiting 4 hours before painting a second coat.

I usually don’t follow directions when they involve waiting, but since this was going to be a stand-out piece, I figured I’d take their word for it.

I think the directions recommended three coats, but I stopped after the second and it looks great. Despite the four hour dry time, this project is a super quick way to make an entire room more fun. The kicker is that you are instructed to wait 3 days before writing on it. Three days! I’ve never wanted to use a chalkboard so badly in my life just knowing that I couldn’t.

Eventually, the time passed and now we have a cute little chalkboard menu in our kitchen. I can use it to list ingredients or left-overs in the refrigerator that are available for consumption or we can write cute notes to each other or to our tiny little house.


At some point, we plan to frame the edges with some cheap, custom painted siding and make a little shelf for the chalk. But for now, I’ll just get the chalk out of the drawer to write out all of the non-meat meals that Russ has to choose from…

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