Stress Spiral

It’s been a busy couple of weeks for Team Rathroy. After a debacle of a discussion with our not-so-friendly neighbors, the rotting fence covered in years of ivy came down in all of its decayed glory.

There is a fence under there somewhere.

There is a fence under there somewhere.

Still holding on...

Still holding on…

Unfortunately, once a fence comes down, you have to put one back up. And unless you’re a bagillionaire, the cost of paying someone to build you a fence is slightly prohibitive. So, gone were the evenings of cooking dinner, relaxing, and catching up with each other. Mr. Rathroy has spent every evening for the past 2+ weeks designing, coordinating and building our beautiful new fence.  I know that in the long run it’ll be worth it, but seeing my almost husband for only 3 minutes a night is not my favorite.

Meanwhile, at work I just finished up with my company’s version of Christmas. That’s right – California Arbor Week. Plan all year and execute during a very short period of time. I spent about 5 straight days being yelled for and talked at and pulled in 100 different directions. On top of digging countless holes, coordinating over 750 volunteers, and trying to back up a truck-trailer combo, it was all just a little too much for my centeredness to keep up with.

It doesn't get much better than 1st graders planting trees.

It doesn’t get much better than 1st graders planting trees.

You know how it goes – one restless night of stress dreams and you’re spiraling. Up goes the fatigue, down goes the lung capacity, up goes the sugar cravings, down goes the concentration. It’s a mess. I think our only saving grace these past couple of weeks has been our workout routine. 5:00 a.m. bootcamp does wonders for your psyche once you get used to it.

I had grand intentions for this afternoon to shake off the recent craze and prepare for our weekend getaway to Long Beach. Instead, I ate almost two rows of brownies straight from the pan and watched “Miss Congeniality.” Stress spiral physics say that an afternoon filled with such activities would send me straight to guiltsville where I would wallow in my own self-loathing and waste another Friday evening. But not this time! The final fence boards are being nailed in as I type and it’s still daylight! I think I’ll put together a California springtime outfit and take my hunk of an almost husband out for drinks to kick off our long weekend of celebrating with friends and learning more about Baby Z on the way!

A weekend away could not have come at a better time. For me, nothing cures the stress spiral like focusing on all of the wonderful things happening around you. And I think babies and the beach are pretty great medicine. Coming home to the new fence won’t be bad either…

One day we'll have a new fence AND a clean backyard...

One day we’ll have a new fence AND a clean backyard…

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