Engagement Photos by The Goodness

Holy moly! I feel like a famous person!

We had our engagement photo session with our wedding photographers, The Goodness, last week and not only was it SO MUCH FUN, but the pictures are amazing (though I expected nothing less).

As much fun as it was to feel like a movie star and be instructed to act super cute with Mr. Rathroy in front of the camera, I got more excited about the photos of our actual house being featured than I thought I would…

The Goodness_entry

We started the photo shoot inside our home since that’s where Russ proposed and it’s where we spend 98% of our time outside of work.

I have to say, having a photography/design team that I’ve been obsessed with for years run around my house and take pictures of things that they thought were cute was pretty rewarding. We are constantly working on our house and I am constantly disappointed by the never ending project list, and it feels really great to see pictures of our design choices featured in their photography.

The Goodness_door

The Goodness_bar

Now my sites are set on one day making it into Real Simple or Sunset Magazine, which is too bad because having a break from that project list sure would have been nice…

The Goodness_tree

5 thoughts on “Engagement Photos by The Goodness

  1. Beautiful pictures 🙂 We had our engagement photo session last weekend too and it was really nice! Although it definitely felt a little weird at first, being the centers of attention!

    • Thank you so much! We just got the flash drive in the mail with the rest of the photos and I’m so excited to pick and frame our favorites!

      We planted the tree a couple months ago and it’s finally getting leaves! I feel like a proud parent!

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