Postponed Pinterest Craft – DIY Jewelry Organizer

Since one of my “look like more of an adult” tactics is to accessorize more often, I figured I should move my jewelry out of a box in the closet and onto display to encourage myself to actually wear it once in a while. And now that we have more power tools and scrap lumber than you can shake a stick at, I figured I’d try my hand at my first solo-crafting project.

So, on one of those rare days when I had nothing else scheduled, I decided to finally get to work on one of my long-term pinterest inspired projects – the DIY shabby chic jewelry organizer. You know the type – mismatched knobs, salvaged wood, hanging necklaces, etc. Basically, a bunch of brand new stuff that you make look really old – like $100 jeans that you buy with holes already in them.

This project is a pretty quick one once you have all of your supplies and it felt really good to have a finished product on the same day that I started work!


1. Piece of wood – sorry to be so vague, but this is totally up to your taste. I literally used the cut off ends of left over fence boards. This depends on how big you want your masterpiece to be. Mine were about 14 inches long and 1 inch thick. I also had lots of extras to experiment on before doing anything to my final boards.

2. Power sander – we have a small handheld one that works perfectly!

Stacks of trail wood and my power sander!

Stacks of wood and my power sander!

3. Hardware – whatever knobs or handles you want to incorporate to hang your jewelry

4. Power drill – this will make the hardware installation a lot easier!

5. Paint, stain, etc. and related supplies (brushes, cloth) – whatever color you want your organizer to be is up to you! I used a really interesting technique that combines paint and stain and makes the wood look super rustic.


1. Start sanding

If you’ve never used a power sander before, it’s okay! You have backup planks in case things go awry the first time! I ran the sander up and down all sides of the plank to make sure everything had smoothed to the touch, then I worked on all edges and corners to round and wear them down. And remember, it doesn’t have to be perfect! We’re going for the elusive salvaged look, so symmetry is not necessary. Once you’re happy with your sanding handiwork, set that plank aside to be your final product.

These planks started out identical. Sanding makes a big difference!

These planks started out identical. Sanding makes a big difference!

2. Measure, mark and drill

Use one of your practice pieces to measure and mark out where you want your hardware. As much fun as it is to just run around with a power drill, I promise you’ll be happier with your finished product if you have a placement plan for your hardware. I went through at least 2 practice pieces before figuring out exactly where I wanted to drill for the final go ’round.

Practice measurements!

Practice measurements!

3. Drill those holes!

Once you have your measurements down, make small marks on your final plank and pre-drill holes for each piece of hardware. I used a practice plank underneath my final plank for support and just in case I drilled through too far – which I did.

4. Time to paint/stain

Once again, I used my practice planks to make sure I knew which combination of color/stain I wanted on my final product. Once I decided on the mint green/dark stain combo, I started painting.

Practice colors. I wanted to make sure it looked good on both types of wood.

Practice colors. I wanted to make sure it looked good on both types of wood.

Paint/Stain Combo Process: Use a paint brush and apply your paint color roughly. Some areas had heavier paint, some had super light paint, some had none – make it look unfinished and imperfect (it’s harder to do than you think!). Let your paint dry and then hand-sand it down. Rough it up even more, especially along the edges and corners to make it look old and worn before staining. Make sure you’re wearing your rubber gloves and you have a rag that can be thrown away before you start staining. Follow the directions on the stain can and rub it all over your plank. The stain will absorb at different levels depending on the paint and will give it an awesome rugged look.

We're almost there!

We’re almost there!

5. Mount your hardware in their appropriate spots and hang your organizer on the wall.

There are definitely better ways to wall mount your jewelry organizer than what I did, but I opted for simple and quick (to be honest, Russ did this part because I’m afraid of our entire lathe and plaster house crumbling if I nail into it). Russ drilled holes in the two top corners on the back of each plank. He drilled them at an angle and about half way through the width of the plank. Then he set nails in the wall to line up with the holes, and hung them like picture frames.

6. Hang your jewelry and sit back and admire your craftsmanship!



This project took more of my day than I was hoping it would, but I’m super happy with the outcome. It’s like a piece of functional artwork that reminds me to accessorize and I’m so proud of myself for crafting, using power tools without setting anything on fire, and following through on a project all on my own!

What are your most postponed Pinterest crafts? What should I attempt next?

7 thoughts on “Postponed Pinterest Craft – DIY Jewelry Organizer

  1. I’ve gotten lazy about scrapbooking… a few years behind now! I’m always putting projects off but I’d like to frame some self-made artwork. One day!
    What about making something to organize your scarves?

    • I love the idea of self-made artwork! It’s more meaningful than a store bought piece and you can brag to anyone that compliments it…
      The scarf organizer is a great idea! I have a friend that used a curtain rod to make a giant piece of functional artwork out of her scarves. I have the wall space and way too many scarves…

    • I love the cheese grater idea! Some spray paint and a few dangly earrings and you have a new piece of art!
      If we didn’t have an excess of lumber, I probably wouldn’t have attempted this either, but I’m super glad I did!

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