Tidy Tuesday

Look out people! Tidy Tuesday is making a reappearance! Yes, it still counts as Tuesday even though this post us going up well past my bedtime…

I have long ago released myself from the guilt of not contributing to Tidy Tuesday each week. Let’s be honest, my life isn’t tidy every week and when you’re in the middle of 12 DIY home improvement projects at one time, sometimes just running the dishwasher is a win.

I figured I would share a couple of our smaller projects that have both provided fun design elements to our home and cleared up some clutter!

We finally painted and hung the giant “C” above Mr. Rathroy’s dresser. It represents what our mutual last name will be post-wedding! We actually ordered this wooden letter online for about $25 at Craft Cuts. Since then I’ve found really fun Pinterest ideas like cutting a letter out of cardboard and wrapping it in colorful yarn. I liked the wooden letter because we have this peacock green accent in other areas of our bedroom (you can see it on our bedside tables here) and I wanted to continue it on the walls. I think the yarn wrapping would be a great and cheap way to decorate a kid’s room!


Now that the giant “C” is up, I think our walls are complete. Mr. Rathroy’s dresser is still masculine and simple which I think compliments my dresser quite nicely. Side note: this little Ikea dresser has survived 3 years of college and at least 7 moves!


The orchid and artwork don’t strictly match with our color scheme, but they add lots of warmth to the light grey walls. Plus, the “&” is serving as major creative motivation for us right now as we carefully discuss the idea of starting a little in-home business (it’s still a secret, so don’t tell anyone yet). And can someone please tell me how to keep an orchid alive?! We got like 5 of them at our housewarming party and they’re so beautiful but boy do they die quickly!

And since it’s spring (though the 95 degree afternoons would have you think it’s already summer), we’ve been slowly chipping away at our backyard. Since the word “slowly” really means “not even close to being ready for pictures,” I’ll share one of my small green accomplishments so far this season.


SUCCULENTS! They’re so adorable and fairly tolerant of my lacking green thumb and we’re also using them in our wedding, so I figured I’d get started growing a few.


These little darlings came from a local nursery and I have very high hopes for them! They’re now living inside a drawer from an old desk that had been sitting on our deck for months. We kept trying to sell it and it kept sitting, so we finally took it apart and are repurposing the pieces! Naturally, we jumped the gun a little and had a planting day before I could get the paint out, but I’m planning to splash this little landscaping piece with a bright blue or yellow and make it the centerpiece for our outdoor dining.

The main focus for this Tidy Tuesday seems to be clutter control. Once you take care of the pile of papers laying on your dresser, the whole bedroom feels bigger! And talk about clutter – who has space for an extra desk to just lay around? If you’re not using it, get rid of it! I promise you’ll breathe more easily in your newly opened space!

What’s your clutter nightmare?

3 thoughts on “Tidy Tuesday

  1. Ohhh succulent gardens totally have my heart. We’re going to a succulent and cactus nursery this weekend while we’re back home in Michigan and I’m so amped to put together my terrarium (finally)!

    Question – what color grey are your walls? I love it! Right now we’ve got a light purple-y blue and I’m feeling the need to change it up. Thinking a light grey would play well with our chevron grey and white comforter in the bedroom.

    Loving these little snippets of your place!

    • I love our grey! It took us many tries to find the right one (and some experiments with yellow). This one is “Passive” from Sherwin Williams!
      We have a darker grey accent wall and the light one is super airy and relaxing.
      Have fun with the terrarium! I’m excited to expand mine but want to make a game plan before I shove more into random drawers…

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