10 Reasons to Elope – A Girls on the Grid Article

May is the last month before our wedding that I’m allowing myself to procrastinate. I’ve decided that June begins the “wedding red zone” and the countdown clock officially starts ticking – RSVPs will start coming in, a seating chart needs to be organized, my dress will finally arrive (after a 6 month wait).


Russ and I have been less than aggressive with the wedding planning so far. Thankfully, our amazing wedding venue is mostly all-inclusive, so we haven’t had to do much, but the small tasks we have been required to accomplish have brought out the spoiled child in both of us. There’s a lot of whining and distractions before we can get ourselves to sit down and pick post ceremony h’orderves or select a first dance song.

All of this procrastination makes it seem like we’re not excited to get married. On the contrary, it’s pretty much the only thing we want to do. We had all major decisions made, most details arranged, and a wedding planned back in January. Problem was, the soonest date we could book at the venue was in August, which left us with lots of time to just wait for it to happen.

In all of this unexpected idle time, we’ve come to realize that the big, traditional wedding doesn’t sync up super well with our personalities. Neither of us want to be the center of attention. Neither of us want to be in charge (which is shocking when it comes to Bossy Pants McGee over here). Neither of us want to be in the middle of the dance floor for 3 minutes while 150 people watch us slowly spin around in a circle.

Don’t get me wrong, I know that our wedding is going to be amazing, but I would be lying if I said that we hadn’t discussed eloping. And I know we’re not the only couple that has questioned their desire to play host to the tradition. So, in case you ever find yourself at the intersection of “Tradition & I Hate This,” I’ve compiled a few reasons that make an elopement so appealing.

4 of the 10 Reasons to Elope

Continued over at Girls on the Grid

1. You get to keep your name.

Your first name at least. You can do whatever you want with your last name. If you elope and either surprise everyone or at least make it unnecessary to involve anyone in the planning, you’ll avoid being constantly and solely referred to as “bride.”

2. Becoming a bridezilla is inevitable.

Whether it’s demanding your bridesmaids start a “clean eating” regiment to slim down pre-wedding or launching a text message attack on your sister for not e-mailing you photos of your wedding dress fast enough. It’ll happen. And you’ll be embarrassed.

3. An extended honeymoon

If you’re eloping, you’re probably doing it somewhere awesome like Vegas or Tahiti. Get there early, get married, get honeymooning. I promise you’ll enjoy your wedding more if it’s in the middle of a vacation rather than a family reunion.

4. A healthy bank account

Or a bank account with any money in it at all. It’s no secret that weddings are expensive. Some people take out personal loans to pay for them! A typical wedding is equivalent in price to a four-year college degree. In an attempt to recover from my wedding sticker shock, I read about 100 articles describing, “How to throw a wedding for under $5,000!” After cutting your guest count, making it a potluck, and sewing your own wedding dress, you’ll wish you would have just eloped and spent the $5,000 on a private villa over the water instead.

To read the entire article and see even more reasons to elope, check out Girls on the Grid!

4 thoughts on “10 Reasons to Elope – A Girls on the Grid Article

  1. Yeahhh, there are definitely times when eloping seems like a good option. If it weren’t for the fact that I have my heart utterly set on our location, a tiny destination wedding probably would’ve been my next choice. As it is, less than 50 guests isn’t bad (except for the cost, it’s still friggin’ expensive).

    That’s so exciting that you get your dress soon! I’m hoping that I’ll get my reception outfit soon…I keep checking to see if it’s shipped yet 😛

    • I know, I truly cannot believe the cost of weddings. It makes me want to stage a protest, but then I know I’m just going to spend the money anyway…

      So exciting about your reception outfit! I hope we get to see pictures!

  2. My boyfriend and I have talked about eloping, for sure. If it wasn’t for family and the cultural stigma around eloping, I think we’d totally go for it. We’ll see what we decide on in time, but I can totally see myself with a very small wedding and ceremony as a bit of a compromise. Thanks for sharing this!

    • It’s all about the family when it comes to deciding not to elope. There are so many logical reasons not to have a “traditional” wedding, but the emotional side and all of the family expectations just can’t be argued with sometimes.

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