The Wedding Checklist

We can officially cross off “invitations” from our wedding checklist! While it wasn’t without hurdles, the process is complete* and the invitations are now in the hands of the trusty U.S. Postal Service.

Invitation slide

Our amazing friend that designed the Save the Date did us the same, amazing favor for our invitations and it was no small feat! Our venue is mostly all-inclusive, but it turns out that there’s a lot of text required to convey all of the celebratory information.


And who knew postage was so expensive?! I had a ping of concern when I weighed one of our completed packages and found it required 66 cents. What kind of crazy in-between measurement is that? Would I have to put two 46 cent stamps on each envelope and just overpay? Plus the 46 cents on the RSVP envelope? Would I have to buy various postage amounts and hodge podge the top right-hand corner with a myriad of stamps? It started feeling like a word problem I’d solved in high school and I was none too pleased.

Thankfully, it took me about 2 seconds to google and, low and behold, USPS sells “wedding invitation” stamps that are exactly 66 cents (and decorated with swirly twirly pastel flowers). Luckily, the pastel flowers were out of stock at my local post office, so I was left with our only other 66 cent option paired with the “Love” stamp (barf right?) for the RSVP envelope.

Wedding Stamps

Sealed with our saliva and signature “&,” these bad boys turned out to be a great combination of our simple, rustic style (with just a hint of our “whatever” attitudes toward wedding planning).


As they make their way throughout the state and even over to Dubai and London, I’m finally starting to get twinges of butterflies. People are actually going to come to our wedding and watch us marry each other. And I’m going to sob with happiness the whole time (I know, I know. Barf).

Our checklist is shrinking and we’re quickly approaching “wedding red zone” as we round the corner to June. If anyone has any advice on the following items, please don’t hold back. I seem to be missing the bridal gene and can use any advice you have!

The Checklist

– Make burlap table runners

– Order 100 tiny succulent pots

– Find a veil

– Wedding party gifts

– Set rehearsal menu

– Buy Piper’s wedding collar (any etsy site suggestions?!)

– Make a seating chart

– Schedule and book our honeymoon

– Pick a father-daughter/mother-son dance song

I’m sure I’m overlooking some details, but if you have any suggestions at all, I’m happy to hear them!

*Mr. Rathroy single-handedly finalized the invitation design, printed each envelope, stuffed every invitation according to accommodation options, and hand stamped the “&” sign. I just bought and stuck the stamps.

13 thoughts on “The Wedding Checklist

  1. Yay you got the invitations out! It’s no small feat, so congrats!

    As for suggestions, it hasn’t arrived yet, but my coworker’s dog has been ordered one of these: You might even be able to find one in your wedding colours! Also, if you can, either make the veil or buy it used–they are SUPER expensive to buy new. (ridiculously so).

    Lastly, that is a really short list. I am kind of jealous.

    • That doggie bowtie is too cute! I’ll look at that etsy site more and see if they have any flower options!

      And thanks for the heads up on the veil. I knew I would go somewhere on the cheaper side for it, but looking into used ones sounds like a great idea!

  2. AHHH!!! Succulent pots!!! When A and I were at the succulent and cacti nursery near my family’s lake house, I divulged my absolute NEED to have succulents as table decoration that also double as favors. Plus, they’ll go with the green and white color scheme. I think he got a leeeeetle overwhelmed. Whoops.

    So excited to see all of this coming together! Way to go with your “whatever” attitude. It’s what is going to keep you sane! Can’t control everything, right.

    • I can definitely relate to overwhelming a boy with premature wedding details! We just checked out the succulents that our friend is propagating for our wedding favors and they are so cute and tiny!! I’ll put up some pictures soon. I’ve failed at trying to grow them from a leaf, but she’s doing really well and there are so many varieties!

  3. LOVE the look of your invitation envelopes, very cute. So here’s my two cents:

    Veil: is your dress white or ivory? I have a white, pretty, bead-lined veil that has never been worn that I have been too lazy to put on ebay or craigslist so far. Let me know if you’re interested and I’ll send you pics and sell it to you a WHOLE lot cheaper than you’ll find online!

    Honeymoon: Isaac and I did sooo much research on how to save the most money, including talking to his parents travel agent at AAA. Turns out, if you just search for the vacation package you want every night for about two weeks, you will most likely hit jackpot. Try searching late at night too. We booked a 9 night trip at one of the nicest hotels in Maui for $3,500 including airfare. CRAZY! That was $1,000 less than any other travel site/agent could do for us. We got it on Orbitz!

    Songs: Picking the father/daughter and mother/son dance songs was one of the hardest parts of wedding planning for me. What we ended up doing was “I’ll have to say I love you in a song” for father daughter and “simple man” for the mother/son. It ended up being perfect! B/c the mother/son song was so long we had the DJ invite the whole room to the dance floor halfway through and he put a fun dance song on.

    Father/daughter song:
    Mother/son song:

    Not sure if either are your style, but feel free to steal if they are 🙂 Another one my dad and I almost did was “it wont be like this for long” by Darius Rucker or “My Little Girl” by Tim McGraw. There’s also “My Girl” by the Temptations!

    Okay that’s all I got 😀

    • Ok I got two more things hehehe 🙂

      For wedding party gifts, I ordered custom chevron clutches for each bridesmaid and filled each one with tissues, my favorite lip gloss, gum, and handwritten notes for each girl. They LOVED them. Here’s a pic!

      For the boys, my groom bought all his groomsmen matching sneakers that they were going to wear in the wedding! I realize that is really specific to our theme, but he also got them beer mugs for Things Remembered (can order online) and each one was engraved with their nickname. They also really loved them! No pics of the mugs, but here are the shoes! If you go to an outlet, they can come really cheap. I think he only spent $200 on all those pairs!


      One last idea, skittle infused vodka! Our wedding party/guests LOVED them and they were super easy to make. We just ordered the labels online, too.

      Okay sorry to overload you, just some ideas!

      • Totally not overloaded and loving the advice! Those are the most adorable clutches of all time! I was looking on etsy at a few burlap/lace clutch options. I really like the idea of the girls using them after the wedding and a hand-written note to each bridesmaid feels like a must now!
        Thanks again for all of the guidance!

    • Those are incredible suggestions! Thank you so much for all of the advice! We definitely love the idea of cutting the dances a little short or involving other people, and I love the idea of fading into a slow dance for everyone!

      My dress is ivory, but I’m wondering how much of a difference it would make? What are your thoughts on the color difference? I would super love to see photos and see if we can make it work for us both!

      • Well to be completely honest, I think it is important to match the veil to the dress but other brides may not agree. When I was doing my last dress fitting I didn’t think I cared and had the white veil on with my ivory dress, it looked good!! Then I asked for an ivory veil *just to see* what it looked like. As soon as I put it on everyone in the room said “OH!!! This is much better!” It’s weird, it makes a slight difference but to me it was significant enough to change.

        If you can, try putting your dress on with an ivory vs white veil. If your dress is still at a shop, they will have testers 🙂

        Let me know if you still want me to send pics, I’d be happy to!

      • Good to know! Once my dress finally comes in, I’ll try on some veils at the fitting and see what comes of it. Thanks so much for the guidance!

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