Green Thumb, Dirty Fingernails

We had our last pre-wedding workday on the farm today! This was our final group effort to prep our wedding flowers and succulents before their inevitable blooms appear (which will hopefully be really close to August 18th so they can be used in the actual wedding).

As you may remember (or can read about here), we planted a ton of flower seeds after building cold frames and raised beds and running away from an agitated bull. And after months of tending, watering, and loving (mostly done by the incredible friend and photographer, Carina), the flowers have sprouted!


We were lucky enough to spend a morning on the farm playing in the garden and transplanting the wee ones into larger containers so that they can continue to thrive before going into the ground.


It was a perfect spring day and there was no better way to spend it than digging in the dirt and watching our soon-to-be wedding flowers grow!


I don’t even care if we only get 5 flowers total. Each bridesmaid can hold one and I will beam with pride knowing that we got dirt under our fingernails while helping them grow.


I’m feeling so blessed to have such incredible friends and so many opportunities to make our wedding truly unique. Not only will we have some awesome flowers at the wedding, but there were so many baby sprouts that we got to take a bunch home and plant them in our garden too! Now, we’ll have a little piece of our special day every day.

*Photo credits go to the one and only Russell Conroy Photography*

4 thoughts on “Green Thumb, Dirty Fingernails

  1. What a cool project! I love how much of your wedding is resembling parts of your life. That makes it so special! AND how fitting for me to stop by here today, I did a plants post, myself. Though, I must say, it sounds like you got much more dirt under your nails than I did 🙂

  2. This is such a great idea. I wish we had thought of it. Even if you only get the five, you’ll have all of these wonderful images and memories to go with it. So cool.

    • Thanks! They’re so tiny right now that it’s hard to imagine they’ll be real flowers for the wedding! Keeping positive thoughts in mind!

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