Baby Bucket List

A few months ago, I got pretty baby crazy. I had found the perfect man, so why not just start having his babies? For anyone that doubts its existence, I’m here to tell you that the biological clock is real. And it means business.

Once wedding planning took over, my mind slowly switched to a new kind of crazy (of the bridezilla persuasion), but babies were still in the back of my mind.

And then, all at once, everyone got pregnant. For real.

I was suddenly surrounded with girlfriends expecting their own little bundles of joy and I’ve never squealed with so much delight. Babies! There were going to be babies! Even Mr. Rathroy looked at me with baby longings in his eyes when Nikol & Ryan told us the big news. And that’s when I knew we were in trouble.

Despite my ovaries’ best efforts, my brain quickly brought me back to my reality. You know, the one where we both work 50 hours a week, have car payments, and love to travel?

It was true. I wasn’t really ready for a baby. I was just ready to talk about babies. Incessantly. And now that so many of my friends were pioneering the pregnancy path for me, that’s exactly what I could do! I have been eagerly absorbing all of the stories, information, birth plans/options, and crazy things that happen to your body that only your close friends will tell you. And it has completely cured me of my own baby craze (for now).

But, just to be safe, Mr. Rathroy and I decided to create a Baby Bucket List.

Designed to battle the strong affect that all of the incoming baby pictures will have on our decision making abilities, the list is comprised of the major things we would like to accomplish before baby Rathroy is in the picture – just a gentle reminder that we’re not even married yet, so pump the brakes, crazy.

Baby Bucket List

– Pay off at least one car

– Hike in Alaska

– Visit Scotland (and convince Russ to give all of our children Celtic names)

– Landscape our yard

– Figure out how to be super independently wealthy so we can work from home and travel as a family (this one is optional, but really really desirable)

While this doesn’t look like an extensive list, each item is long term enough to keep us patient and let us enjoy marriage before we plunge into parenthood. One day, I’m sure there will be a baby Rathroy in the works. And in all likelihood, we won’t be the family that travels the world and raises our kids in cool, interesting places and makes sure we’re all trilingual (I can barely master present tense Spanish), but we’ll be a family full of love and hard work and adventure – even if we don’t know exactly in what form it will be yet.

Piper picstitch

If there’s one thing I’ve learned from all of our amazing friends that are new and expecting parents, it’s that you can never plan how this whole baby thing will go. So even if we end up as parents only to a dogchild for the rest of our lives, that’ll be great too. For now, it’s pretty fun practice!

7 thoughts on “Baby Bucket List

  1. K. Seriously. How does this keep happening? Maybe we were twins separated at birth? I have definitely been experiencing the same thing, and with one of my coworkers pregnant, I see it on a daily basis. But when my fiance started talking about having babies (not now, but not too far off, either), I knew I was in trouble. Biological clock is still ticking away. I really like this idea of a baby bucket list though, I’ll have to think about it and maybe make my own. Hopefully it’ll help!

    • I don’t know how it keeps happening but I love that we have so much in common!
      I’m all about lists, so I think it’ll be really helpful for me to cross things off one at at time on our way to baby town.

  2. Oh I so understand what you are going through. We are the last couple standing in Mr.T’s entire family… Everyone else is working on number two or three but we are at least two years away while the hubs finishes school. So we too focus on our fur baby and on all the things we are trying to accomplish. But somedays I really feel like its me vs. the ovaries.

    • It’s a tough battle between the brain and the ovaries! Especially once everyone else around you starts reproducing. Good luck and hold strong! School is a pretty solid reason to wait!

    • You’re so sweet! And a puppy is a great first step! I super prematurely adopted Piper, but she turned out to be the perfect dog for us and has been a great help in the “we’re not ready for babies yet” talk. You never realize how often you’re out of the house until a dog needs to be let out!

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