Baby Flower Update

Remember when we had a farm work day to prep for growing our wedding flowers? We built cold frames and raised beds and even had a farm photo shoot!

And just recently we revisited our baby flowers on the farm (being grown by one of our amazing friends) to make sure they were free of weeds and had space to spread their leaves.

Baby flowers ready for bigger pots!

Baby flowers ready for bigger pots!

Some of these little guys were even sent home with us to plant in our own garden! We’ve been doing our very best to keep them alive in the heat (113 forecasted for this weekend…) and finally got to put them in the ground over the weekend!

Getting the layout right!

Getting the layout right!

I’ve never wanted something to grow so badly! Our talented flower farmer swears that we planted too many between our two gardens, but we still have 3 months before the wedding and I’ve killed plants a lot faster than that!


For now, we’re keeping our fingers crossed and hoping for late summer blooms of white and yellow!

Just a little row of baby flowers!

Just a little row of baby flowers!

The rest of our garden is plugging along nicely too! Tomatoes are swelling, hydrangeas are blooming out of control, and our very first eggplant flowers have popped up!

Garden surprises!

Garden surprises!

I really want to make fried green tomatoes, but something tells me I’ll be jumping the gun…

4 thoughts on “Baby Flower Update

  1. Yay!! That tomato looks incredible. You’re making me so excited to pick up our CSA box tonight (since sadly we cannot garden in the city…). Everything looks so pretty and those little guys are coming along!

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