Wedding Music & Vampire Fangs

Trying to pick a song to dance to for 3 minutes in front of 120 people has been nearly impossible. Do you know how many websites there are with lists of the Top 20 wedding dance songs? And it’s not just the first Rathroy dance, it’s the father-daughter dance, the mother-son dance, the processional music, the dinner music. It’s exhausting for a Type A planner and list maker like myself.

Just to make things more difficult, I am a big stickler for lyrics. I don’t care if you have the newest, hippest, most awesome beat or background music. If your lyrics are bad or stupid, I can’t listen to your song.

So when Mr. Rathroy played “1,000 Years” by Christina Perri for me, I nearly lost my mind. The music is romantic, her voice is beautiful, and the lyrics are perfect. That song describes our entire lives leading up to our wedding and I knew it had to be played for our first dance. I even decided that I would walk down the aisle to the instrumental version!

With that check mark on the wedding to do list, I began searching for other key songs to incorporate into the wedding. After you tubing and googling a bunch of mediocre songs, I decided I wanted to listen to that one special song that made my heart flutter and my mind drift to the moment that I see Mr. Rathroy at the altar. But shortly after pressing play on the You Tube video, my heart sank.

Twilight. My perfect, magical, tears streaming down my face song is the theme song to one of the Twilight movies.

I’ve never read the books or seen the movies. Mostly because I’m stubborn and didn’t want to give into the fad (I failed when it came to the Hunger Games), but also because Kristen Stewart’s frowny face makes me gag a little. But I do know that there are a lot of people that will hear that melody as I start my epic walk down the aisle and immediately think, “Twilight!” or, “Ew, Twilight.” or, “Uh, they picked the Twilight song?”

I’m trying to be a grown up here, but now that the connection is in my brain, it’s really hard not to picture vampires and ware wolves fighting when I’d rather picture the past 11 years of emotional build up leading to my marriage.

My friends, I need some help. Either another slam dunk song, a pep talk to get over the tween fanatic visuals, or talk me into loving Twilight so that I can convince myself to incorporate that song into my wedding. Pull me out of my vampire spiral!

19 thoughts on “Wedding Music & Vampire Fangs

  1. Seriously, this is getting freaky. I love that thousand years song, and I would’ve chosen it, if it weren’t for twilight. (Not that the fiance would have agreed to it). AND we did finally choose our first dance song, which is another song by Christina Perri (who is awesome). It’s called “Penguin” – It may work for you, it may not. Another one I would have considered more deeply if my mom hadn’t hated elvis (it’s no fun to spite her when she’s not around to make faces), which is Can’t Help Falling In Love With You. There’s also a ton of covers, should that particular version not be quite right. I’m sorry I can’t help you dissociate that song–if I could I would have done it for myself already!

    Also, I totally agree, finding these “key song” that somehow magically fit into your image of the day, and both of you like, is nearly impossible in the multitude of music these days. Because the first dance song is the only one we’ve managed to choose so far. SO frustrating!

  2. Guess what? My best friend had this song sung at her wedding and she HATED the fact that it was from Twilight, she was so embarrassed. But? It was BEAUTIFUL and all of us were crying and glittery vampires were the furthest things from everyone’s minds in the church. We couldn’t take our eyes off the beaming bride and groom as the beautiful lyrics were belted out. It was perfect. I know that if you go with this song, it will be perfect, too.

    99% of people will have NO idea it’s from Twilight and if they do? Who cares! It truly is a beautiful song and from that point on you and your husband are all they will think of when they hear the song, not Twilight.

    • Great pep talk! Thanks so much for the support and reminding me that most of my family/friends won’t make the song-movie connection anyway!

    • Thanks! I almost wrote “spoiler alert” in case any wedding attendees wanted to be surprised. It really is the perfect song so I might just have to get over it…

  3. I had the same concern, just FYI, but Ryan is walking down the aisle to it with his parents. My saving grace is some of the best bands making music today have contributed to that awful movie/book seriesn (as a result, many of the soundtracks are embrrassingly great!) and if there’s anything I can thank the series for, it’s for some really great music. Death Cab made the song for the last movie, and that’s my favorite band.

    Plus, I’ve listened to it now about a million times. Nothing about it is overly vampire or tweeny, so I’m keeping it. I hope you do too.

    • That is a very helpful piece of information about Death Cab. I guess a popular movie is a popular movie, even if it competes with my wedding music! Love that you’re using it too! Makes me think less about vampires and more about my peers!

  4. I thought you’d like to know that I gave your blog a much deserved shout out over at HNTKYP. I love your writing and thought everyone should know. 🙂 It’s here if you want to check it out:

    Oh… and yeah, I agree with everyone else. Even if your whole entire wedding associated the song with twilight, none of them are going to want to fess up to the fact that they watched the movies… at least, not until everyone’s a wee bit drunk.

    • First of all, thank you for the song support! You’re totally right that no one is going to break into screaming Twilight fanaticism over the song at my wedding. I listened to the song again after reading your comment and sobbed and made the final decision to keep it!

      Secondly, I cannot put into words how grateful I am for all of your blog support! I’m so honored to be featured on your blog and it’ll help me stay motivated to keep writing in the midst of all the crazy. You’re wonderful. Your blog is wonderful. Thank you!

  5. I remember how we went through hundreds of songs before we (meaning I) finally found the perfect one. I walked down the aisle to Josh Groban’s “you’re still you”. Too bad the wedding singer didn’t get the chance to sing the second stanza because I was already at the altar LOL. You might wanna read my last post for bridal blunders and wedding tips. 😉

  6. I am so happy that you found YOUR song! It doesn’t matter where you found it, how old it is, who the singer is and if it’s from a movie or not. The point is that you found it, you love it and it relates to your life and the love you share with your groom. It is not the music that your guests will enjoy during your first dance but the magic between the two of you.

    As a choreographer, I agree that your music is very important but it’s not the song that makes the moment. Staring into your grooms eyes and you sharing your love in that special moment in front of your friends and loved ones is what will leave your guests with goosebumps!

    I have two couples using this song and it’s a choreographers dream. I just adore Christina Perri too! Stop worrying what your guest might think or say! It is your day!

    Good luck with everything and please post a video for us all to enjoy!

    • Thanks so much for the wonderful support! I already can’t listen to the song without being a weepy mess, so I know it will be perfectly magical on the big day.

      We completely blew our budget on our amazing photographers, so we can’t afford a videographer, but I’m going to ask some key guests if they wouldn’t mind shooting some video throughout the day. I’d like to have something to replay!

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