The Changing Table Challenge

We have a big project coming to a close and I could not be more excited! Whenever we build something, Mr. Rathroy and I give each other working titles like Creative Director or Chief Decision Maker. And let me tell you, we gave titles back and forth to each other A LOT on this one! I think a few of my prestigious titles included: Chief Purchasing Officer, Director of Materials, and Here, Come Hold This.

This piece of furniture means a lot to us because we’re hoping it will mean a lot to our wonderful friend that we’ll be gifting it to this weekend.

Building a changing table feels really important (anything a baby is laying on is a big deal!) and I’m so honored to be part of this project! Even Piper helped with the paint. She’s our Artistic Flare Coordinator.

Changing Table Process

Once everything is finished and the changing table is with its rightful owners, I’ll post final photos, but just wanted to share a little bit of what the Rathroys have been working on!

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