The Grass is Always Greener in Nowhereville

I have always wanted to live in the middle of nowhere. Mr. Rathroy has been cooly dismissing my half-laid plans to put down roots in Nowhereville, Wyoming for quite some time now. There’s just something about the country life speaks to my heart. It’s quiet. It’s challenging. It usually excludes road rage and time sheets and hipsters. The idea of it excites the pioneer in me.

I’m sure that this desire for elbow room comes from the same place that makes me a grumpy gus when I get home from camping – a lack of passionate direction in my “adult” lifestyle. I feel my time, my enthusiasm, my youth slipping away inside my cubicle and there’s really no better fix for me than spending time in the great wide outdoors.

Even in the vastness of the wilderness, I feel a sense of place and peace that I’ve never felt inside the walls of my own home. Nature reminds me that I cannot control the world, that my struggle for perfection is unnecessary, and that I am a piece of something so much bigger than I could ever imagine. The perspective is addicting. And I gotta have it.

As it turns out, some of my very good friends have grappled with this same seemingly broken link between their civilized lives and their sense of place in the world. Two of them saw it as a big enough rift in their happiness that they uprooted themselves, left their previous careers, and moved onto the family farm to get a daily dose of the outdoors.

And since I don’t have my own family farm, they invite me to theirs to grow wedding flowers, to attend baby showers, and to do things like this:

Farm Fun 1


Sarah J graduated from the California Farm Academy and promptly began making plans for her own vegetable production on the family alfalfa farm. While gearing up for growing vegetables full time, she works for the family as a ranch hand and let us come up for a weekend of outdoor play time.


Farm Fun 2

I got more satisfaction out of starting a water line engine than any daily e-mail drudgery could ever hope to provide.


Of course, I understand that the pioneer lifestyle comes with plenty of drudgery itself, but after a weekend like that, Mr. Rathroy better shield up for the next big onslaught of Nowhereville discussions…


*More amazing photos of our trip to Beckwourth, California are up at Russell Conroy Photography. Now you can daydream about being a pioneer too!*

3 thoughts on “The Grass is Always Greener in Nowhereville

  1. Though I don’t think that I’ll actually ever leave city life, I TOTALLY understand your thoughts here. When I’m at our lake house in the country, I’m all “BUT WHY DON’T I JUST QUIT MY JOB AND MOVE HERE ASAP?”. I think, long term, it would be hard for me to be there always, so we try and visit lots, but I think you should follow your gut(s). If country life is where it’s at in your heart, why not give it a go?!

    • I worry about it being an impulse vacation feeling too, but it’s always worth a shot! We have another 4.5 years of living in our house (loan terms and what not), but I could totally imagine myself raising kids in the country. I guess time will tell!

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