The Bachelor Bride

About an hour after Mr. Rathroy walked out the door for his weekend-long bachelor party, our ceiling started leaking. As it turns out, what we thought was an old water stain leaking through the previous owner’s crap patch job was actually still a very active problem.

In tears over the impending financial burden, I called my parents as I watched the paint on my dining room ceiling crumple and give way to a steady stream of water. I knew what this meant. Sell the dirt bikes! Cancel the honeymoon! We can’t afford silly things like that anymore. Instead, we’ll pour every penny we make into this stupid 1946 lathe and plaster house that we were so excited to buy. Stupid house.

New Home

After my hardworking father crawled into our attic and strategically placed buckets along our air conditioning vent system that was drip drip dripping into our rafters, I frantically went through the motions of an adult homeowner in crisis:

  1. E-mail the real estate agent. We had only just bought the house in November. Maybe there’s something she could do?
  2. Sob to your dog about the inevitable collapse of your stupid house. She’d understand.
  3. Use every ounce of will power not to call your fiancé. It’s his bachelor party weekend and you’re a big girl.

And there I was – in the middle of a 110 degree heat wave forecasted to last at least 5 days – with a non functional air conditioner and an automated home warranty phone system. Yes, I would like to submit a service request. Any chance a real person could tell me how to do that?

Ceiling Leak

So, instead of working on our ceremony or deep cleaning the house like I had planned for my weekend alone, I pretty much just sat around in my underwear, sweating and feeling sorry for myself. Piper did the same thing.

Piper Mope

I didn’t even cook. I ate a tortilla for dinner both nights. And a beer. Who wants to do the dishes when it’s 108 degrees outside? I mustered up about an hour of general yard work one morning and then couldn’t even motivate myself to shower the sweat off until I knew I had to leave the house.

I blamed it on the heat, on the leaky ceiling, on the long night of watching “She’s the Man” starring Amanda Bynes, but I think the truth is that I’m the real bachelor in this relationship.

Seriously, the second Mr. Rathroy came home, I got busy with the meal planning and the cleaning. I even cooked myself a well rounded lunch (my first real meal in 48 hours). It was like I needed the motivation of someone else living in my mess to really take care of it. Turns out, when no one else is looking, I can be pretty sloppy.

Despite the feeling of a wasted weekend, it was nice to not feel obligated to a task list (or a standard of healthy living apparently). I was free to mope about our broken house, to read my book, and to watch bad TV without a hefty does of self-imposed guilt.

Maybe one day I’ll actually understand that Mr. Rathroy never judges me (even when I watch a marathon of Say Yes to the Dress) and that there’s really no reason to feel guilty for taking a mental time-out. But for now, I’ll get back to packing our daily smoothie ingredients into individual containers to make our mornings more efficient. There’s nothing like a fresh fruit and veggie smoothie to start you on a big day of self-love right?

6 thoughts on “The Bachelor Bride

  1. There’s so many reasons to agree with this. First, smoothies are awesome. Especially in the heat. Second, I definitely also have that affliction–if left to cook for myself I get lazy, not to mention I feel oodles of guilt if my partner is doing something productive and I’m not. I definitely fear resentment on that front, even though my partner has showed me time and again that there’s no grounds for it.

    Third, but most important, that leak seriously, seriously sucks. And that it happened right after he left. It’s really awesome that your dad was able to come over and help you out. I think stress like that deserves some downtime to make up for it though. The mind can only handle so many things wrong at once. Good for you for getting back on your feet, even if it took a couple of days 🙂

    • You are so sweet! Thanks for the support! It’s so funny to compare how I am when he’s home vs. when I’m alone. I am the meal planning master and I’m all about trying to balance my time and be healthy and that just went right out the window over the weekend! Everything in moderation right?

  2. I’m sorry to hear about your roof, that’s just terrible 😦 I had to giggle to myself while reading this post because it reminded me much of myself. When my guy isn’t home for the day, I always start out with huge plans of cleaning, cooking, etc. Then I find myself awkwardly strolling around the apartment, wondering if it’s really worth it to bathe that day. Sometimes a little motivation from a live-in partner is what you need to get the ball rolling!

    • I’m so glad I’m not the only one! I really was looking forward to the productivity, but I guess the weekend had other plans for me…It was pretty nice to get my motivation back on track when he got home!

  3. Oh dear lord this story made ME stress out! I have zero experience with these types of homeowner problems (though we have had some stuff pop up unexpectedly in the past and it was a mess – also on a weekend when I was home alone!!). But, I will say that it’s totally fine in my book to let yourself relax and revert to bachelor mode once in a while when home alone. I’ve found it gives me a bit of a restart and helps calm some of the crazy.

    Sounds like you’re back on track and things are on their way to getting DONE!

    • Yeah, it was a pretty unwelcome surprise, but nothing like a major malfunction to help you realize that you’re not always in control of your own plans! Plus, I was super proud of myself for “handling” the situation without the man of the house there!

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