Honeymoon Registries – Trending or Tacky?

Our wedding venue is amazing in so many ways – the mostly inclusive packages, the on-site coordination, the trees, the food, the bar, I could go on and on. But one of my favorite things about them is that they run their own blog. It’s a place for brides and grooms (past, current, and future) to read about wedding ideas and get inspiration. A supportive and informative community in the otherwise stressful wedding industry.

The ceremony site at Forest House Lodge.

The ceremony site at Forest House Lodge.

Recently, they put out a call for bride bloggers to discuss their experiences during the planning process. They thought, “What better way to convey useful information than to feature our own couples?” And lucky me, I get to be one of them! The first thing that came to my mind for a Forest House Lodge blog post was the controversial honeymoon registry. Mr. Rathroy and I decided that our main registry would be for our honeymoon since we didn’t really need anything else and we would be a little low on funds after the wedding. We planned a pretty awesome, once in a lifetime trip to Patagonia, Chile and a post-wedding adventure is really the only thing we wanted.

Hiking through Torres del Paine National Park in Chile

Hiking through Torres del Paine National Park in Chile

Some people respond fabulously well to the idea of a honeymoon registry. Some people scoff at the blatant request for money. And you can read my thoughts on it at Storybook in the Sierras – The blog of the Forest House Lodge!

And if you’re wondering, “What does a wedding registry look like anyway? How does it work?” Feel free to take a peek at our Patagonia registry. Maybe it’ll be the right path for you too!

2 thoughts on “Honeymoon Registries – Trending or Tacky?

  1. I’m all for honeymoon registries! After living on my own for 5 years, three of which have been spent putting together a home for A and I together, we have a lot of what we need. And outside of that, I don’t think I much need some of the more formal / traditional wedding gifts for the kitchen. So, I think this is perfect for people in that situation and let’s you really show guests how you want the money to be spent!

    • I think it’s becoming more common not to register for bath towels and fine china since so many people live together beforehand anyway. There’s no need for clutter, but an adventure is always useful!

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