Blooming Wedding Flowers

Remember that awesome farm work day we had to prep for and plant our wedding flowers a few months ago? And remember the little sprouts that we got to plant in our own yard to supplement the wedding decor? Well, I’m so excited to report that the flowers are starting to bloom!

Young Flower Blooms

Under the expert guidance of our farmer friend, Carina, we’ve added fertilizer and are getting ready to snip away at these early buds (and use them for household arrangements of course!) to encourage even more blooms as the wedding approaches. I can’t wait to have a windowsill full of yellow and white as we count down the few weeks before the big day!

Yellow Marigold

Our tiny patch of flowers has helped boost my confidence in gardening and I will definitely be experimenting with more color and variety in our next spring garden. Our tiny patch also reminds me of what a huge span of blooms Carina has been tending to and I cannot believe the amazing green thumb (and amount of generosity) that she and the whole farm family have. We certainly would not have flowers at the wedding if it weren’t for Winterport farm (which also raises amazing, organic, grass-fed, free range beef if you’re into that sort of thing). Mr. Rathroy and I are so very blessed for the wonderful friends and family that we have supporting this crazy wedding!

And speaking of Mr. Rathroy – he spent the entire holiday weekend working on wedding tasks and household chores and finally broke down tonight. Even though it was nowhere near our “project” list, he disassembled and sanded down our entire dining room table. Looks like I’ll be painting it white this week to add a lighter dimension to our dining room. Personally, I think he just needed a construction project after all of the seating chart and groomsman gift talk. I would wager that checklists aren’t as satisfying for him as they are for me…

Sanding a Dining Room Table

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