Bridal Weekend Extravaganza

I am a highly distracted bride. I started the prep for this post about 5 hours ago and am finally getting around to the meat of it after an evening of wedding related damage control. Our hotel had no record of our wedding room block, thank you cards needed postage, groomsman gifts needed artistic direction, a father-daughter dance still needed to be selected…you get the picture.

Through all of the madness, I’m trying to stay focused on my Reiki lessons and daily 20 minute meditations, but this past weekend pretty much shot that to hell. In a good way.

It was my bridal shower/bachelorette party weekend!!

Saturday morning started with some professional makeup. I usually throw on a little tinted moisturizer and mascara and walk out the door, so adjusting to false eyelashes and lipstick was a little rocky. I felt like Bridal Shower Barbie and found myself begging for a task so that I could be distracted with hostess duties rather than being fawned over by all the women in my life. No luck. My mom and sisters had nailed it. The food, the “Adventure is Out There/Up” theme, the flow of the party, everything. All I had to do was tell stories about the Rathroys and open gifts in front of everyone.

Shower Collage

As my incredible bridal shower wrapped up, I was swooped away to our next location. Pajamas, Sex and the City episodes, baked goods, and girl talk occupied our pre-dinner hours. The girls had even sent a list of questions to Mr. Rathroy to answer ahead of time so that I could be quizzed – Newlywed Game style. I was asked the same questions and had to answer how I thought Mr. Rathroy would. “What was the first thing he noticed about you?” Or, “What is his favorite physical feature of yours?” To both of which I answered, “My butt……?”

Bachelorette Decor

And after our gourmet grilled cheese dinner (my bridal party knows me so well), we put on our fancy pants and got ready for the bar scene. From here, it’s pretty fuzzy. The girls started pushing whiskey on me pre-dinner, and even before our celebratory shot of Jameson just as the cab arrived, I had already exceeded my typical booze tolerance. I have no recollection of actually finishing a drink, I just know that I constantly had a full one in my hand and fresh whiskey in my belly.

Bachelorette Party

At some point, I did the Harlem Shake, was scolded for talking to Mr. Rathroy on the phone, and got into bed (but not before carefully putting away my ID, hanging up my dress, and packing my shoes back into my overnight bag. I might be slightly compulsive).

The next morning, hung over and full to the brim with hash browns and bagels, we crawled into a limo and trekked up the hill to wine taste in El Dorado County. Though slightly nauseous, we enjoyed the sunshine, the great company, and the swanky atmosphere. By the third winery, I could actually drink again.

Wine Tasting

I am so blown away by how generous and amazing my friends are and now that I’ve fully recovered from the whirlwind bridal bash (after sleeping for about 15 hours), I can’t believe how close I am to being someone’s wife. It doesn’t seem like I’m actually grown up enough to be a wife, but in the words of my very dearly missed friend, “Fake it ’till you make it.” I’ve come this far into adulthood and even passed the milestone of opening lingerie in front of a crowd, so that’s gotta count for something. I feel so lucky to have had such an incredible weekend with so many of my favorite ladies to remind me that adulthood isn’t all damage control and credit card bills. Sometimes, if you let it, adulthood can be really fun (if only slightly hazy).

5 thoughts on “Bridal Weekend Extravaganza

  1. That sounds like an amazing bridal weekend! And I must say it, you looked smashing for your night out! I think it’s the side ponytail that makes it. Also, that cupcake balloon picture is the best thing I’ve ever seen.

    Does the wedding feel more real now that you’ve had those big events? I had my bridal shower last weekend (not the bachelorette though), and it was fantastic, but now that it’s a few days past I think the real-ness that came with it has also faded.

    • Well thank you, my dear! I felt pretty smashing! I think it’s starting to feel more real because we’re getting down to last minute details. I just got my veil, we’re finalizing the seating chart, etc. I know that when the day finally comes it will be over sooner than I’m ready for it to end, so I’m still trying to cling to the weeks we have left!

      • There’s so many details! After another weekend of knocking things off I feel a bit better! But I know what you mean, I’m so torn between not wanting all these awesome things to be over so soon and wanting the stress to be done.

  2. Lady you are a vision! So beautiful and glowing. Sorry to hear that you’re dealing with so much pre-wedding drama and chaos and hope that it calms soon! Looks like you’ve got LOTS of people supporting you that perhaps could help out with a few things?

    Hope it all goes well!

    • You are so sweet! Everyone around is super supportive. I think I’m just having a hard time being the center of all attention and decisions (lots of pressure!). But I know it’ll all be worth it in just a few weeks!

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