#Rathroy Wedding Weekend Update

Perhaps instead of laying around watching Netflix or learning how to do a sock bun this afternoon, I should have used my post-wedding sore throat and sniffles to update you on the crazy awesome wedding weekend that Mr. Rathroy and I just had.

So far, I’ve attempted to write about the event 15ish times. Turns out, there’s no way to do it succinctly. Therefore, I’ve included some highlights below until I can wrap my own brain around the fact that the greatest wedding of all time was actually mine.

The lead up was rough. Within about the last two weeks of the wedding countdown, there were 5 deaths that directly affected our guests (including one for each Rathroy), there was one emergency c-section (that brought beautiful baby Claire into the world), and there was a big giant forest fire.

These cute little guys line the streets of Foresthill. Ironic.

These cute little guys line the streets of Foresthill. Ironic.

Needless to say, it took a lot of meditating and a heavy dose of the always calming Mr. Rathroy to get to the big day without a nervous breakdown.

And suddenly, our friends started pouring in. They came from Long Beach, from Sierra City, from Seattle, from San Diego, from Ione, and from so many other places. They surrounded us and quite literally filled the streets (our street at least) with hip hop and laughter and I’m pretty sure they were still dancing on their way home two days later.

So many incredible friends.

So many incredible friends.

Our families greeted and mingled and got bossed around (by me) and smiled through all of it. They stood in the “no one saw that coming” heavy sprinkles to take post-ceremony photos and gave toasts and welcomed the formation of a new, bigger family.

People ate prime rib and made custom orders at the mashed potato bar. I scarfed down deep fried artichoke hearts and fried risotto. Mr. Rathroy sipped Johnny Walker Blue and we danced well past 1:00 a.m.

No one tells you how hard it is to dance in a corset. It's hard!

No one tells you how hard it is to dance in a corset. It’s hard!

We woke up in a smoke filled room (refer to the forest fire mentioned above) with new rings on our hands and chocolate truffle cake for breakfast. Okay, I was the only one that ate cake for breakfast…It was truly the greatest and most fun wedding I ever could have dreamed of. And because I still get a little weepy when I realize it’s all over and will never happen again, I’ll just show you some preliminary, iPhone photos stolen from all of my friends. As soon as The Goodness finishes up our photos, I’ll force you to look at those too.

Getting Ready

decor photo




Thank you to everyone for the support, whether you were actually there or sent your love through the magical internet airwaves. It was so incredible and I can’t wait to actually digest the fact that I am now, officially, Mrs. Rathroy.

5 thoughts on “#Rathroy Wedding Weekend Update

  1. Well I am even more behind on your life than you on my blog. I knew the wedding was soon but didn’t know it had already happened! Kelly everything looks just so beautiful and perfectly you two. Love the details and setting for the ceremony is just divine. Congratulations to the two of you. I hope you’re still eating cake 🙂

    • Thank you so much! We sent cake home with as many people as possible, but still have a whole tier in the freezer for our 1 year! I’m hoping once the dust settles from our Patagonia honeymoon in a couple weeks, I’ll really be able to hunker back down and update the blog!

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