Wedding Photo Sesh

A delightful request came in from one of my favorite bloggers (The Other Courtney) to post more of our wedding photos. And since I adore Courtney and I’m obsessed with our wedding photographers, I got really excited about the idea! I’m not sure why, but we haven’t even put wedding photos up on Facebook yet…I know, we’re the weirdest.

So, before I inundate you with all of the intimate moments caught on camera, I first have to brag about how awesome our wedding was. Every single one of our vendors kicked so much ass and made the day so easy that I take every opportunity possible to promote them. If you’re planning a wedding, or even planning to plan a wedding in your life, check these people out!

Venue: Forest House Lodge – even with a forest fire blazing in the background, I never once felt stressed about our wedding. This venue and its staff have perfected the art of coordinating and executing weddings and I want every single person I know to get married there. Plus, their ceremony site is to die for and I want their chef to cook for me every day.

Make-up: Rachelise Makeup Artistry – the sweetest gal in the world with an incredible talent to make you look like the most glamorous, beautiful version of yourself you could ever imagine.

Photography: The Goodness – I’ve been obsessed with these two for years and it was a dream come true to have them photograph my wedding. I’ll let the pictures convince you of their amazingness.

Lace Dress_The Goodness

Wedding Jewelry_The Goodness

Wedding Flowers_The Goodness

Getting Ready_The Goodness

Bridesmaids_The Goodness

Boys Getting Ready_The Goodness

Getting Ready 2_The Goodness


First Look_The Goodness

Wedding Party_The Goodness

Dog in the Wedding Photos_The Goodness

Forest House Lodge Ceremony Site

Down the Aisle_The Goodness

Ceremony_The Goodness

Groom Crying_The Goodness

The Kiss_The Goodness

Friends Photos

The Girls

The Boys

Classic Truck

Reception_The Goodness

Reception2_The Goodness

Grand Entrance_The Goodness

Toasts_The Goodness

Cake Cutting_The Goodness

After this, it turns into a dark dance party full of friends. Is there any other way to end a wedding? Thanks to everyone that was part of the best day ever (even the ones that took the time to scroll through this insanely long picture post!). I’m the luckiest girl in the world.

Happy Wedding!

6 thoughts on “Wedding Photo Sesh

  1. SOOOOO excited to see this, thanks for honoring my request LOL. I had a big, cheesy grin on my face through this whole post because your wedding looks just perfect. It looks like a pinterest wedding, something people dream of having! I’m so happy your day was so perfect! Also, we have similar taste 🙂 Our groomsmen wore gray and we had navy blue and yellow in the wedding too 😀 Also, your bouquet is gorgeous, as is your dress. Okay, I’m going to stop blubbering now. Obviously I love all of them and am so happy to see these posted!

    Okay one last thing, the pic of you wiping his tear, oh my word. It’s so precious and beautiful. Congrats again!!!!

    • You’re the sweetest! Thanks so much for all the love. Our wedding turned out so great – simple and rustic and everything I thought. And I still can’t believe how amazing the flowers turned out (a friend did them!). Thanks for requesting to see more and for motivating me to actually share our wedding photos with people!

    • Aw, thank you so much! I’m so glad I finally posted some photos and shared them with the world! It makes me sad that I don’t get to have that wedding every day, but I’m so happy it happened!

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