Friends in High Places

Mr. Rathroy runs with a serious crowd. And by serious, I mean seriously successful. I’ve married into a social circle with people that get paid to do things like drive brand new cars, open new Disney resorts, and produce reality TV. Serious.

Our quick trips down to Southern California are probably more frequent than our bank account would like, but they’re always full of laughter, good food, lots of friends, and usually big life events. This past weekend was no exception as we attended a beautiful wedding (and paid for it dearly with hangovers) in Santa Monica. And even though the outline of our trip was similar to all the rest of them – same friends, same restaurants, same sunshine – by the time we got home, it felt like I had visited another world. A world where owning a home and having a decent job seemed somehow subpar. A world that ran on 75 degree weather and name recognition.

Grunion Gazette

Small things popped up throughout the weekend. Things that weren’t even pieces of new information but, piled together, created a fourth dimension that I never considered myself privy to. While perusing the local newspaper, almost every byline included a familiar name. Over a casual lunch, I learned about financing large-scale commercial real estate by a professional in the field. Even at the wedding, a Los Angeles County Supervisor was in attendance. I started examining the professional lives of our friends and became immediately insecure. Mr. Rathroy’s friends are famous. Whether they are locally known or voted onto the Forbes 30 Under 30 (true story), they are building legacies in the fields of journalism, business, politics, entertainment and more. And all of these people came to my wedding.

I make weekly meal plans and clean our baseboards and all of our extra money goes into our next home improvement project. I have anxiety over our dog and haven’t been to the gym consistently in 4 months. I own a house. I’m a wife. And I plant trees. That’s it. Not fit to be featured on the silver screen or to be fraternizing with such an elite southern California crowd.

As we headed back home, I felt the mediocrity caving in around me. How could my real life compare to the high level success stories that we basked in for the last 3 days? And I’ll tell you what didn’t help – that once we got home, we had to caulk our shower and do laundry like a couple of chumps.

But, while I tried to grumble about the boring chores and yearn for glamor, I noticed that all I really felt was happy. I tried to scold myself for a lame career or a small savings account, but I couldn’t. I was home. I was a wife. And I was happy. I’ll even admit that we were in bed reading our books by about 8:30 last night. And it was AWESOME.

I feel so blessed to be surrounded by such successful, vibrant people (no matter which city we’re in). It reminds me to set goals, to chase what I want in life, and to thank my lucky stars for the life that I have. Because even if my name is never on a byline or up in lights, I succeed every day as long as I choose to. And that’s a powerful choice.

Plus, I’m pretty much famous by association with friends like that, right?

In addition to all of the personal revelations and life choices, this weekend was incredibly fun. Sadly, most of the pictures I took were on my phone either at night or when I was 3 cocktails deep (or both), so they didn’t turn out great, but I had to at least share some highlights!

Claire Dinner

Veis Wedding 1



Veis Wedding 3

Veis Wedding 2

We were so excited to celebrate such a happy day with our friends. I’m so lucky to be surrounded by such inspiration and dedicated people!

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