The Resolution Revolt

I’m not much for resolutions. Don’t get me wrong, I spent a fair amount of New Year’s Eves dreaming up the perfect resolution to make the following year, “the best year yet!” But over the years, as the motivation wained and the results stayed consistently unchanged, the word “resolution” has mostly lost it’s meaning to me. It’s a tradition. A mental ritual. An emotional trick in an attempt to float hope through the rest of the winter. But not a strategy to actually better my life.

The only photo we managed to take on New Year's Eve.

The only photo we managed to take on New Year’s Eve.

Lately, instead of resolutions, I’ve been trying to perform periodic self-evaluations. Anytime something is not quite right or I get a ping of discontent in my life, I try to adjust. Sometimes that means a new workout routine. Or trying something like Reiki. Or planning an adventure vacation. Whatever the adjustment, it tends to be a short term project in the beginning and often times becomes ingrained in my daily life as a healthy habit.

Going to Patagonia was one of the crazier adjustments.

Going to Patagonia was one of the crazier adjustments.

After an insightful co-worker read my post about successful friends, she asked if I had recently set any goals for myself. I quickly (and almost proudly) answered, “Nope.” I was feeling comfortable in life and was taking the opportunity to glide through the latest resolution round-up.

Strongly, she stated, “You should,” and explained that as she read my post, all she could hear in her mind was the song, “Is That All There Is?” playing.

Oh. My. God. I had written, edited, and published a pity party for myself and passed it off in my mind as being “comfortable” in life. The truth is, I am incredibly satisfied in all realms right now, and that has never happened before. I genuinely feel pure happiness every single day. So, maybe I’m scared to shake that up and risk breaking it. Maybe I’m exhausted from the whirlwind of fixing an old house and planning a wedding. Maybe I’m just getting lazy and allowing contentment to take the place of fulfillment. Maybe it’s the fact that 2013 was the best year of all time and what if it can never be beat? Whatever it is, it sounds like I need to re-evaluate my plans for this year.

Sometimes I can't believe it's possible to be this happy.

Sometimes I can’t believe it’s possible to be this happy.

I’m really proud of the work I’ve done on myself over the past year – mentally and physically. But I’ve used that hard work as an excuse to take a break from my evaluation process. So, fine. You got me, 2014. I officially submit my New Year’s Resolution for your records.

I, Mrs. Rathroy, resolve in the year two thousand fourteen to plan my next big adventure.

I have no idea what form it will take (fingers crossed for a trip to Southeast Asia), but I resolve to keep up those periodic self-evaluations, pinpoint and plan the next big adventure in my life (with Mr. Rathroy, of course), and experience it fully.

Now, does anyone have any suggestions?

10 thoughts on “The Resolution Revolt

    • I actually have friends planning a big trip to Brazil for the World Cup this year! I’m not a huge sports fan, but I would love to explore that country!

  1. First off — I definitely hear you with the whole “maybe I’m getting complacent” type feeling. 2013 was just SO GOOD, and exhausting, and I just want to do nothing for awhile. But then there’s the part of me that is pushing to do more, except I don’t know what that more is. Maybe you’re right and planning the next big vacation is the next step! It’s just so hard to choose the destination….

    • The idea of a goal or something to plan and look forward to is definitely making my brain work a little harder! I’m not even sure it will be a vacation. Maybe we’ll start a business or I’ll learn a new hobby (knitting?!) or something. But it was really great for someone to encourage my personal growth, because it didn’t look like I was going to do it!
      Also, I’m a big fan of multiple, small trips. Staycations can be just as awesome and quite a bit cheaper!

      • I’m very intrigued by this whole staycation idea, but I must say, I don’t really know *how* to do one. I even tried researching but couldn’t find anything particularly useful. Got any tips? Maybe that’s a blog post for you 😉

        P.S. Didn’t you already start a business?
        P.P.S. Knitting is an excellent idea!

      • I think staycation is a pretty loose term. Like something close enough to be a day trip but you stay the weekend or something. We’re dreaming up a business and slowly making our way there…

  2. I really like the idea of self-evaluations. Instead of setting huge goals, it’s good to check in with yourself here and there to see what is going well, what needs to be fixed, and what has to be done. Best of luck for your new adventures in 2014!

    • Thanks so much! It’s been a good process so far and I’m excited to et ini the details of planning for a big goal too. Best of both worlds, hopefully! Hope you’re enjoying the new year so far too!

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