Pee in the Beans was created after one of the greatest adventures of my life. After two insane trips to Malawi, Africa, my entire world had changed and I was borderline terrified.

I wanted to share stories of traveling in Africa and details of my crazy love affair (with my now husband), and write down my experiences in this new, grown up world. In the years since Pee in the Beans came into existence, I’ve had many adventures, many stories, and many growing pains and I’ve come to realize that my life, my experiences, and my blogging are broader than my original WordPress intentions.

So, while Pee in the Beans will continue to exist so that we can all revisit our favorite stories, I’ll be moving to a brand new, shiny blog.

Politely Wild will encompass so much more than the tid bits I’ve been able to share here. The title itself is a true reflection of me – a girl caught between adulthood and adventure, manners and mayhem – and I can’t wait to share it with all of you!

Each post, comment, follow, and blogosphere friend on Pee in the Beans has helped me build my new blogging brand, and I hope every single one of you visits Politely Wild soon! Actually, you should just click on it right now!



A Bloglovin’ Fool

For as long as this blog has been around, I’m still trying to catch up with blogosphere technology (was that the correct use of ‘blogosphere’?). A few of my favorite bloggers recently joined Bloglovin’ so I figured I would see what it’s all about and join up myself!

After following the quick steps, I got Pee in the Beans all signed up and then diligently read up on all of their tips and tricks. From what I gather, Bloglovin’ lets you follow all of your favorite blogs and has a fancy pants new iPhone app so you can read them on the go!

And speaking of following blogs…you can click the Bloglovin’ link to the right and follow Pee in the Beans every step of the way!

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If you have any helpful Bloglovin’ tips or tricks, I’d love to hear them! Happy reading!

Wedding Photos (early edition)

Wedding Photos (early edition)

There was a wedding last weekend and my wonderful photography partner and I shot it. Here is what came of it, or at least a very small fraction of what came of it. Even more photos can be found here with more to come very very soon, I promise.